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Time - "No excuses, I felt the need to act"

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Time is not promised. This is the lesson that Sr. Tahira Wellman learned as a frontline healthcare worker during the Covid-19 pandemic. While continuing to work full time as a physician assistant, Sr. Tahira decided to go back and continue her Islamic education by enrolling in the first ever cohort at the Boston Islamic Seminary. In doing so, she has deepened her spirituality and elevated her status as a role model to her two sons. The road has not been an easy one, but Sr. Tahira is committed to making the most of the time she has been given by striving to embody the prophetic example. This is a must-listen episode for all parents and professionals thinking of undertaking full-time Islamic education. In this episode we ask the vital question - if the pandemic has taught us about the preciousness of time, how are we using it?

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