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Karen Cherrett

Project Management Insights provide Project Managers with tips and ideas on how to be better leaders. You will also find lots of useful guidance on strengthening your relationships within and around your whole project, not only with your team but also with your key stakeholders. Episodes will be published weekly.

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  • Project Management Insights podcast

    The Difference Between a Business Plan and a Business Case


    People often confuse a Business Plan with a Business Case. Let me explain the difference in these two documents and remember that you need a business case as the foundation for ANY project that you want to undertake. If you don't know how to write a business case grab a copy of my book 'How To Write a Strong Business Case' it has a step by step process to follow to write one, including a bunch of tips.
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    Is a Change In BAU a Project?


    Is a change in BAU a project was a question that I was asked via my website some time ago. It's a topic I have a strong opinion about, and in this episode, I am going to explain why my answer to that question is Yes!
  • Project Management Insights podcast

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  • Project Management Insights podcast

    More On Remote Team Management


    Back on November 27, 2018, I recorded an episode on Remote Team Management. Go back and have a listen to that episode to gain some valuable tips. Little did we realize at that time how remote work was going to change. In this episode, I touch on how to motivate your remote time now, and the keys to getting the best from them whilst they are working from home at this time. 
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    What To Do If a Critical Risk Materializes


    Don't panic! :) The reason I want to talk to you about this topic is that it could happen on your project and what I want is for you to feel confident in your ability to manage it if it does. Here is my list of six things that you need to do when your critical risk materializes.
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    Ways To Manage Feeling Ignorant


    You probably realize there are things you don't know. And, maybe you don't. It is not fun when you are in a situation where all of sudden what you don't know surfaces. Here are a couple of ways of handling those situations so you feel more confident and let like to be ignorant.
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    How Many Red Groups Do You Have On Your Project Team


    I want you to draw yourself a map of the groups that you will need to engage with for your project. Then consider, in terms of delivery, is each group green, red or amber (orange). This will help you determine where to focus your time and energy in order to get the delivery you want. It's a different way of leading a project. #smallprojects #projectmanagement #business
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    How Your Business Is Wasting Money on Projects ?


    Here are four ways that money is being wasted on a project and most lead back to that problem of not having a clearly defined business case or requirements. Of course, I am going to say that, because as you know they are key to projects being successfully delivered.
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    Stop Managing and Start Leading Your Team - Shift Your Focus


    Where you focus your attention is the difference between managing and leading. If you want to be a leader it is time to look up and trust, delegate and to work with your team to deliver your project.  Take stock of how you operate and lead to succeed in 2021.
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    How To Set Your Project Team Up For Success In 2021


    Start 2021 with a project review to health check where you are at on your project journey. Then take the time to revive team spirit and get everyone excited and back on track with what you are wanting to achieve. This is an important step after this holiday period. Doing these things will only add to the likelihood of your project success.
  • Project Management Insights podcast

    2 Hours Of a Project Managers Time


    Let's explore only two hours of a Project Managers time to see just how many assumptions and expectations they have, during that time period. This is the reason you feel so angry, frustrated and fed up with managing projects and something that I am hoping you will learn to notice and change in order to find an easier place to work and manage our projects. #Projects #ProjectManagementTips #Business

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