Pomodoro Sessions podcast

Pomodoro Sessions


No ads, no talking. This podcast provides a wide range of background noises and music formatted for the Pomodoro technique: stop procrastinating and get the job done, 25 minutes at a time! These sounds won’t interfere with your focus, and they will help you block external noises.

The Pomodoro method is a productivity technique where you work without interruption for 25 minutes. You repeat the cycle until your day is done, with pauses in between.

Unlike other Pomodoro timers, we don’t use an alarm bell to signal the end of a session. Instead, sounds will gradually fade into silence, inviting you to take a break only when it fits your current flow and state of mind.

Use the silent portion of each episode to take your break. Get back to work when the next episode plays.

This podcast is brought to you by myNoise, the premier background noise generator on the Internet. Tune in to myNoise.net - the website - to enjoy a higher audio quality, longer playback times, and soundscapes that can be tweaked to your liking.

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