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Your digital plant friends, here to help you take your indoor jungle/desert/bog to the next level since 2019!
Plant Daddy Podcast is hosted by Stephen and Matthew, two passionate hobbyists who love sharing plant care experiences and stories that speak to plant parents of all experience levels. Whether you are just starting your houseplant journey or already managing an indoor jungle, we are here to share growing techniques and methods, new and unusual plants, or the background and history of familiar ones. Each host brings different perspectives and tastes in plants, but both have enjoyed the great privilege of learning their own local and online plant communities, and they seek to pay this forward to anyone interested in taking their hobby to the next level. Or just enjoy some geeky banter. Plants are enriching and fun, endlessly rewarding, and Plant Daddy Podcast is excited to be your digital plant friends!

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  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 122: Lipstick Plant, Aeschynanthus Plant Profile


    The Lipstick Plant is the very first Gesneriad we discuss on the show, and we both feel that this robust, reliably flowering plant is a great introduction to this amazing family of plants. Does Stephen admit to liking a flowering indoor tropical? And is Matthew getting too worked up about cultivar confusion? Have you ever thought you didn’t have much to say about a plant, but then you had a LOT of thoughts about them? Well it happened to us this week! And we had a blast.
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 121: Mindfulness and Plants, with Maria Failla


    Is there more to our relationship with houseplants than collecting and cultivating? Maria Failla of Bloom and Grow Radio is back to make her case in a revealing interview that we both love. What does a mindfulness practice actually mean? And how can you begin your own? It's easier and more powerful than you might think. And it may surprise you which Plant Daddy this speaks to most!
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

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  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 120: A Gift Exchange and a Look Back on 2021


    If the Plant Daddies could surprise each other with a plant to grow together, what would happen? You’ll find out in our last episode of 2021! Then we revisit (and judge) our plant predictions for the year, pick our favorite episodes, and chat about the plant highlights in our own collections. Can a rehab project be a “gift?” How well do we actually know each other? Cozy up for one of our favorite episodes of the year!
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 119: Houseplant Fertilizers 101, with Miles Jonard


    How much do you know about fertilizing your houseplants? …and how much do we know? After a radically honest discussion of our own routines, Miles from The Plant Store is back to answer our questions, dispel some myths, AND participate in our fertilizer lightening round. Are liquids better than slow-release pellets? Is "organic" mostly about marketing? What about DIY fertilizers? Some of his answers may surprise you!
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 118: Chinese Evergreen, Aglaonema Plant Profile


    Need a foliage plant for a low light spot that will actually survive? Even thrive? This week we talk about Aglaonema, which we both believe is one of your best options for this situation. How long can these actually survive in less-than-ideal light? And how much moisture (or lack of it) can they tolerate? Our answers may surprise you. Also, what’s an “Aglaonema stepfather,” and how's that custom textile print coming? Like we say, this is about respect.
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 117: Chill 'n Chat - North Windows


    What should go in that less-sunny window? The Plant Daddies tackle a timely listener question in this month’s Chill 'n Chat, and after so long without plant updates, let each other know how their respective urban jungles/bogs/deserts are faring. Is success in a north-facing window about plant selection, or managing expectations? What does Stephen do when he thinks he has overwatered? And was Matthew aware that we did an episode about having too many plants? No new episode next week, but we’ll be back in December!
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 116: Crotons as Houseplants


    Many of us have owned a Croton plant, Codiaeum variegatum, but how many of us can reliably get them to thrive indoors? The Plant Daddies have had mixed results themselves, so Mark Peters of Peters Crotons and Cordylines joins the show to help. Should these plants be allowed to dry thoroughly? Of the surprisingly diverse Croton cultivars, which is the best for indoor growing? We get these answers, fascinating history, and some surprising tips for plant parents from this expert grower!
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 115: Domino Cactus, Echinopsis subdenudata Plant Profile


    Are you a fan of cactus flowers… but not cactus spines? This week the Plant Daddies cover Echinopsis subdenudata, the Domino Cactus, an easy-to-care-for favorite that's often easy to find, too! It's great for newer plant parents, but does this species offer anything for seasoned growers? Will we make sense of the taxonomy here? Then someone utters the sentence "I don't know flower talk."
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 114: Hoya callistophylla Plant Profile


    Are you considering a splurge Hoya? If so, the Plant Daddies believe Hoya callistophylla should be on your short list. Are the rumors about straightforward care for this species true? And where are the cuttings Matthew promised Stephen? After we share other, similar Hoyas in the Finlaysonii complex worth considering, will this episode get an explicit rating? At this point, no one should be surprised!
  • Plant Daddy Podcast podcast

    Episode 113: Chill 'n Chat - Choosing Pots


    For this month's Chill 'n Chat, we dish about plant pots! (See what I did there? Thank you.) We'll cover our dos and don'ts, how these fit into the broader care equation, and our tips for converting mugs and thrift store finds into vessels your plants will thrive in. Which kinds do we find most difficult? And what are our strangest pots? In a shocking twist, we even throw in some aesthetic opinions.

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