Anything Ghost Show #211 - The Plantation Ghost Story, Ghosts of Broken Glass, Death Row Breathing, and Baby in the Basement

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Anything Ghost #211:
1. Bendigo (Victoria, Australia) – The Red Hill Hotel in Victoria, Australia
2. Megan (U.S.) – Rachel: My Ghost Friend
3. Abby (Boston, Massachusetts) – My Mom's Doppelgänger
4. Rob (Baltimore, Maryland) – Wrong Place, Wrong Time
5. Tommi-Grace (US) - Ex-Boyfriend Story
6. Chris (North East, Connecticut) – Story About My Home
7. Julie (Ottowa, Canada) - Haunted Home
8. Julie (Ottowa, Canada) - Death Row Breathing
9. Craig and Rachel (Norco, Louisiana) - A Plantation Story
10. Hope (Oregon, US) - The 1920’s Ranch House
11. Sarah (Ontario, Canada) - The Farmhouse


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