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OA536: The Tennessee Judge Who Keeps Jailing Kids

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So much in today's episode! First: a Thomas rant on police striking and quitting over the COVID vaccine. Next: a brief look into Striketober and when Reagan ruined unions. Third: Steve Bannon contempt order! Then finally our main segment on the awful story broken by ProPublica of a Tennessee Judge who has ruined childrens' lives over a made up crime. But wait there's more! A wildcard segment on Activision-Blizzard in which Andrew shares the names of the lawyers who moved from the EEOC to DFEH and why this case is still incredibly weird and has only gotten more weird!

Links: Strike Support: What Is It and How You Can Help Striking Workers, Trump Bogus Lawsuit, List of attorneys who tried to steal your 2020 vote, Outrage Grows Over Jailing of Children, Tennessee Code :: Title 39, Rule 203: Procedures Upon Taking a Delinquent Child Into Custody, 2010 Tennessee Code :: Title 37 - Juveniles, activision-blizzard-et-als-ex-parte-application-to-stay-the-case, Rule 4.3 Communicating with an Unrepresented Person

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    OA545: The 1/6 Commission Continues To Do Work


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    Bonus: Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges


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    OA541: Monica Miller on Happy the Elephant and Legal Personhood for Animals


    After our episode on Cocaine Hippos, we were contacted by previous guest and all-star attorney Monica Miller about the efforts to free Happy the Elephant. Monica works with the Nonhuman Rights Project, and they are utilizing a fascinating legal strategy to try to free certain animals from captivity. She takes us through the case and the law! In the first segment, we've got a number of OA was wrongs and rights, about hippos, Mark Jensen, AMD, and more. Links: Wild New York YouTube, Larry Tribe op-ed, National Geographic coverage, Martha Nussbaum amicus
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    OA540: The Bizarre Case of Steven Donziger


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    OA539: Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Hippos Are People, My Friend (?)


    It's time for a good old fashioned low stakes fun legal deep dive! Get ready to learn what on Earth this episode title even means! Before that, we've got some Thomas was allegedly wrong about duck duck grey duck! And then a wildcard segment about Dan Tana's vs. Dantana's! Links: Animals Recognized as Legal Persons for the First Time in U.S. Court, Pablo Escobar’s hippos, Maldonado Declaration, Rule 45. Subpoena, 28 U.S. Code § 1782, the motion, Intel Corp v. AMD, 542 U.S. 241, Dan Tana v. Dantanna’s, 611 F.3d 767
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    OA538: The Rittenhouse Trial Instructions, Explained


    Yet another packed episode! Our main story is what's really going on with the Rittenhouse Trial Instructions. You might have seen the coverage stating that the victims can't be called victims but can be called rioters and looters. Is reality as bad as the coverage? Andrew explains! Then in what is our co-main segment, Andrew gives us his initial thoughts on the hot off the presses Build Back Better Plan and what Sinema and Manchin have cost us. Links: HCSM letter, Wisconsin Legislature: 940.02, Kyle Rittenhouse back in court today,, Kyle Ritttenhouse trial: Judge Bruce Schroeder to preside, Rittenhouse judge in spotlight after disallowing word 'victims' in courtroom, BBB deal Page 1 Page 2 Page 3, BBB, HR5376 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Build Back Better Act

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