On God's Campus: Voices from the Queer Underground podcast

On God's Campus: Voices from the Queer Underground

Axis Mundi Media

ON GOD’S CAMPUS: Voices from the Queer Underground is a limited series podcast about white Christian supremacy and being queer on the most conservative campuses in the country. Chloe Guillot is your guide and translator through the carefully constructed subculture of religious education, as told through the stories of people from the inside. She is joined by co-hosts Paul Carlos Southwick, a legal expert, historian and former white Christian nationalist who worked for some of the largest anti-LGBTQ+ organizations in the world, and Erin Green, a biblical scholar and campus activist who literally gave voice to the Queer Underground while studying the Bible at two conservative Christian colleges. What you will find here is a roadmap to change from the underbelly of the church’s best kept secrets.

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