Ohio Yearly Meeting's Podcast podcast

Ohio Yearly Meeting's Podcast

Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative)

This is a podcast of Ohio Yearly Meeting. We are a collection of Conservative Quaker Meetings based primarily in Ohio. By conservative, we do not mean politically conservative. Conservative Friends are known for their commitment to conserve the Original message of the first generation of Quakers. These Quakers, in turn, saw their movement as a revival of primitive Christianity. We hope the installments of our podcasts will present the understandings of Conservative Quakerism.

So, if thee is interested in learning the differences between Conservative Quakers and other Quakers, or would like to understand differences between Quakers and other Christians, thee may well be at the right place. On the other hand, the Conservative Quaker perspective is so strikingly unique in contemporary society, that it will be a balm to many seeking spiritual fulfillment. To assist these seekers is the true intent of publishing our podcast.

A good many of the podcast installments will be presented by Henry Jason. Henry is knowledgeable in the Greek of the New Testament and has a fascinating way of tying the meaning of the original words with the writings of early Friends. Listening to him provides a refreshing view of scripture and is an excellent way to learn about original Quaker theology. Henry's podcasts are usually bible classes and so they are often interspersed with discussions, questions and insightful comments by his students.

The music in our podcasts is from Paulette Meier's CDs: Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong and Wellsprings of Life available at paulettemeier.com.

Find out more about Ohio Yearly Meeting at ohioyearlymeeting.org.

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