Off The Script w/JDfromNY podcast

Off The Script w/JDfromNY


JDfromNY is the #1 Pro Wrestling LIVESTREAM in the ENTIRE IWC on YouTube, covering, and reviewing WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE SmackDown, AEW Dynamite, and all MAJOR Pro Wrestling PPV/Premium Live Events from WWE, AEW, and Ring of Honor. Off The Script has become wildly known for it's honesty, and truthful takes that some times isn't what the audience wants to hear but NEEDS to hear. JDfromNY has also create an unbelievable livestream experience, as he takes you on a ride into his beautiful Ford Mustang, and inside his OTS Venue, making himself stand out amongst a community that fails to deliver any excitement or change to how they present the news. If you want something different from your normal pro wrestling content, and want the news covered the way it should in WWE, and AEW, order a drink, pull up a seat at the bar, and enjoy the show. 

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