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Why is modern slavery on the rise?

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An increase in modern slavery in the last five years has been met with a decrease in the political will needed to address it.

But what can consumers do to make more ethical choices this holiday season and beyond? In this episode we navigate the intricate web of human trafficking, exploitation and forced labour within global supply chains. We put the spotlight on the retail industry, exposing its role in the disproportionate vulnerability of women and children to forced labour.

Our guests delve into the evolving response of the world to human trafficking challenges, exploring the complexities tied to migration and government policies. As the discussion unfolds, the conversation draws crucial links to the theme of sustainability and provides practical advice for consumers.~

Join Sara Pantuliano and guests in this exploration of ethical consumerism, human rights and the collective responsibility to create a sustainable world.


  • Sara Pantuliano (host), Chief Executive, ODI
  • Nasreen Sheikh, Survivor, Author and Social Entrepreneur
  • Grace Forrest, Founding Director, Walk Free
  • Ekaette Ikpe, Director, African Leadership Centre, Kings College London, and ODI board member

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