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4.09: Stephen Graham Jones' The Only Good Indians

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In Episode 4.09, host Dave Pezza is joined by his good friends Guido Fargiorgio and Eric Prive. Eric, Guido, and Dave discussed The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones.

Published on July 14, 2020 by Saga Press, The Only Good Indians is the story of four childhood Native American friends of the Blackfoot Tribe and their fate years after a hunting trip gone wrong. As adults, they are not only challenged by the struggles that many Native Americans face living on a reservation, including racism, alcoholism, and poverty, but they must also come to terms their own guilt.

In The Only Good Indians, Jones offers a truly bizarre story of revenge, guilt, fatalism, and the remarkable resilience of Native American tradition and culture. Through his intriguing and challenging writing style, Jones crafts a wonderfully macabre tale that shocks, disgusts, laments, and entirely absorbs the reader in a world where actions have bitter, unrelenting consequences.

Please enjoy our discussion of The Only Good Indians.

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