New Orleans Unsolved podcast

New Orleans Unsolved

New Orleans Unsolved

The new podcast is a narrative dive into the decades old case of a 17-year old boy who drowned in New Orleans. The investigation into the mysterious death uncovers a web of crime, corruption and cover-up. At the center of it all is a criminal who has been hiding in plain sight.

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  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 18: Raleigh


    The finale to season 1 has been more than a year in the making.  Will Stanley Burkhardt remain in prison or go free?  The judge's ruling finally comes down.   
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 17: Urquhart Street


    In the season finale, Stanley Burkhardt gets arrested again, but will he stay in prison?  His testimony in a court hearing weighs heavily in that decision.  The testimony includes details in Eddie Wells’ case. 
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

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  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Update on episode 17


    Episode 17 is still in production.  Release date:  June 25th, 2020
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 16: The Lower 9th Ward


    On the very same day of the jailhouse interview, a second interview followed.  It was unexpected and took place in the Lower 9th Ward.  What did one of Eddie's closest friends say to him before he disappeared? 
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 15: St. Bernard Parish


    A man who says he was one of Eddie Wells’ best friends cautiously shares what he knows of a fateful day in 1982.  He claims he was with Eddie the day he disappeared.  To get his story, we go inside a parish jail.
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 14: Haney Drive


    New Orleans is in the 1980’s was a very dark place and time for one man.  As a boy, he lived in New Orleans East, not far from Stanley Burkhardt’s home.  His memories of certain events are some of the most detailed we’ve heard so far, including details of a disturbing photo of Eddie Wells.   
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 13: Southeast Louisiana


    Robert details a set of serial killings that predates the death of Eddie Wells.  He believes all the cases could be linked to Stanley Burkhardt, but is there evidence to support any of it?
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 12: Orleans Parish


    Two people with intimate details of Stanley Burkhardt’s career as a New Orleans police detective are coming forward.  They both believe Burkhardt is capable of murder.  They only agreed to speak under a cloak of anonymity.   
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 11: The Upper 9th Ward


    After revealing her story about her time with Stanley Burkhardt, Kristin now is ready to detail what she knows about the death of Eddie Wells.  Her accounts seem to build a stronger connection between Burkhardt and Eddie’s mysterious death in 1982. 
  • New Orleans Unsolved podcast

    Episode 10: Florida


    A woman who has never spoken publicly about her alleged ordeals with Stanley Burkhardt finally comes forward. Her revelations about Burkhardt and Eddie Wells are shocking.  We travel to Florida to get her story.   

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