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The Style Masterclass Podcast with your host Miss J. The Style Coaching podcast that teaches you to show up with Style & Confidence no matter what size you are. Let's Build Your Confidence Style You To Look Like a Boss Build a Wardrobe You'll Wear And Get You Showing Up Ready to Conquer & Slay. You ready?

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    Holiday Soiree Part 2 Colors and Prints


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we’re entering Part 2 of our Holiday Soiree. All of you are welcome in this space, let’s party together this holiday season. I want to give you mindset and practical style tips for you to make your own during the holidays. You’ll learn: What to do with other people’s opinions, including yours! How the feedback loop of compassion can be really amazing.  A practical style tip for the holiday season ahead.  We are all fully human, and we accept that. Sometimes we say boneheaded things, but we can show compassion for ourselves and others when we do this. Now bust out those colorful prints and items and enjoy yourself this season. 
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    Holiday Soiree Part 1 Chic and Cozy


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, I’m inviting you to a virtual Holiday Soiree throughout the holiday season. I’m going to give you practical style tips and practical mindset tips to help you navigate the holiday season.  You’ll learn: Why YOU specifically belong here. A practical mindset tip about scanning the rooms we enter.  A style prompt on entering the room.  This mindset shift is going to take some practice, save this episode and come back to it throughout the holiday season for that needed boost of encouragement or confidence. You have permission to enjoy yourself and not overthink it afterwards. 
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    What to do with Unwanted Clothing Gifts


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about what to do with unwanted clothing gifts. Hand-me-down and gift season is upon us. I talk about what our game plan is going to be when someone comes up to you and says “I bought you this thing, because I know it’s ‘your thing’”.  You’ll learn: You have complete permission to graciously decline.  It’s okay to donate things if you don’t particularly care for them.  How to let  everyone know ahead of time you don’t want clothes this year while you’re upleveling your closet.  Blame it on me! I have clients do this all the time. Totally ok. If you’re not comfortable with graciously declining or donating unwanted gifts, then just blame it on me. Let’s lead the pack this season and let this one be easy. 
  • Style Masterclass podcast

    When Style Advice Fails


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about what happens when style advice fails. The advice doesn’t necessarily account for the woman being given the advice. It doesn’t account for the changes the woman may also experience.  You’ll learn: Why spending good money on quality pieces isn’t bad advice...but may not be what you need What you can do when you’ve spent money on quality clothes and they no longer fit you  How to think outside of the box when it comes to your own style  You get to decide what style advice you want to adopt, and how you want to build your personal style. Make sure you account for the fact your body may change, but that doesn’t mean anything negative about your body.
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    Easy Fall Style Swaps


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about little fall swap-ups. There are a lot of effortless fall swaps you can make while figuring out if you really want the clothes or if it’s time to get rid of them.  You’ll learn: What to do about all those cardigans  How to utilize summer clothes in the fall as well  How to get in the fall spirit if you live in a warmer climate  What fall style suggestions are you going to take? Remember, you do you boo, as fall trends come out, remember you always get to decide what you want to try and what you want to leave behind!
  • Style Masterclass podcast

    Big Giant Dreams


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about big giant dreams. Somewhere along the way we may start to downgrade our dreams to what we believe is our reality. As opposed to dreaming and planning to create the reality we want. That’s how we can actually achieve our big giant dreams. You’ll learn: Why we tend to work with the facts on the ground first  How to allow yourself the beauty of big giant dreams  Why it’s time to love yourself as you are right now What are your big dreams? Are you downgrading them to fit your current facts? It’s time to go after what you really want. You have more control over the facts on the ground than you may think. 
  • Style Masterclass podcast

    False Cheerleading


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about false cheerleading. This is when instead of celebrating a particular moment, we start to go into a shame spiral. We feel we now have to maintain a level of perfection we’ve achieved on one occasion. Instead of giving yourself that pleasure, we begin false cheerleading. You’ll learn: 1. What false cheerleading looks like - and why it’s false. 2. Why this is actually a problem 3. Rebellious Resistance Have you fallen into this false cheerleading or rebellious resistance?
  • Style Masterclass podcast

    Body Image and Fortune MIS-telling


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about body image and how it relates to the thought-feeling-action cycle. We focus on misreading distortion and telling a misfortune.  You’ll learn: Why we tell ourselves misfortunes   How we make leaps in logic that lead to false conclusions  How to interrupt that pattern  We’re hard-wired to focus on negativity, our negativity bias serves a purpose but it’s important to recognize and understand how it impacts our body image. It’s time to overcome mirror distortion and stop fortune MIS-telling.
  • Style Masterclass podcast

    Help, I spend too much time nitpicking selfies and in front of the mirror


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about the idea of honing in on the 1% and losing view of the 99%. It’s starting to become so natural these days as we carry around cameras all day that allows us to zoom in and further fixate on the 1%. It’s not helping any of us.  You’ll learn: Why you’re losing perspective of the 99%  Practical tips to stop the nitpicking cycle  How to tell ourselves a new story to interrupt the hyperfocused behavior  When we hyperfocus on the 1%, it’s so hard to expect you’re going to overhaul your wardrobe and have the style makeover of your dreams. You can’t have the bigger picture makeover you’re hoping for and you’re losing sight of what matters most! Focus on the whole woman that you are. Over here, we focus on the long-term future-focused, inside-out transformations.
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    Style, Confidence and Exhaustion


    On this week’s episode of the Style Masterclass Podcast, we talk about confidence and how important it is to have people in your life to fill your cup. We talk about why sometimes we need to pause and ask for help. It’s time to acknowledge when you’re exhausted.  You’ll learn: Why and how you should ask for what you need  How confidence can be diminished when we’re exhausted Why you need to protect your mental space and physical energy   Take time to get your cup filled and ask for help. It’s really hard to be confident when you’re exhausted. Where can you find time to rest today? You will find your people ready to be a part of the amazingness in your life if you will let them. 

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