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Cristina Farella

The planets are always moving. In this podcast, astrologer Cristina Farella (owner of Eighth House Astrology, poet, translator, essayist) leads listeners through an exploration of the astrology of artists, astrological cycles, the meaning of myth and literary history as it relates to astrology, dreams, relationships, poetry, and psyche. This pod is a meditative support, an educational resource, and intends to serve as a reminder of your own connection to the cosmos, to history, and to one another.

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  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 24: Astrology of May 2021 + The Significance of Surrender


    This month we’re talking about the juiciest details of May’s astrology - various important dates for creativity and self-healing, the New Moon in Taurus, and the initiation of eclipse season. We examine the importance of Saturn and Mercury’s retrogrades at the end of the month, and I finish by describing the best way to work with planetary energies during eclipse season.
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    From Self to Self-Worth: Astrology of April 2021


    In this episode, we trace the astrological themes of the month ahead - the Sun's time in Aries and Taurus, the Mars-ruled lunations in Aries and Scorpio, important transits, and noteable ingresses, to get a sense of the character of this month. The Sun's shift from Aries to Taurus represents the shift we also make each April from questions of identity to questions of what creates a solid, safe foundation for an identity. 
  • Neptune Rising podcast

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  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Full Moon in Virgo + Stories within Cycles


    In this episode I talk us through the astrology of February 22 - March 7th, 2021. We also touch on the following topics:  ✨ Mars trine Pluto - 2/24 ✨ Venus in Pisces - 2/25 ✨ Full Moon in Virgo - 2/27  ✨ Mars in Gemini - 3/3 ✨ Mercury conjunct Jupiter -3/4  ✨ How poetry, spellwork, and astrological magic can be woven together in ritual practice ✨ Exploration on the nature of the stories that exist within cycles: cycles in nature as well as personal cycles of being
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 22: New Moon in Aquarius + Community Ethics


    In this episode, Cristina talks through the astrology of February 8th - 21st, and discusses the deep importance of ethical boundaries in astrology (an Aquarian theme!). 
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 21: Full Moon in Leo + Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius


    In this episode of Neptune Rising, Cristina talks through:  ✨ The astrology of January 25 - February 7, 2021 ✨ Our upcoming powerful Full Moon in Leo which arrives on 1/28 at 9° Leo  ✨ Mercury's retrograde station at 26° Aquarius 
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 20: New Moon in Capricorn + Fixed Sign Alchemy


    Welcome to Neptune Rising, 2021! It's a new year, and I'm here to help us explore the astrology that lays before us. In this episode we'll talk about:  ✨ The focus on fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) in 2021  ✨ January 13th's New Moon in Capricorn  ✨ The astrology of January 11th - January 24th ✨ How to digest stressful astrology with mindfulness and care
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 19: Jupiter conjunct Pluto Part III + New Moon in Scorpio


    I walk us through the astrology of this week which features:  Venus opposite Mars Sun trine Neptune Mercury re-entering Scorpio Jupiter conjunct Pluto and a New Moon in Scorpio The astrology of the moment maps on to our cultural conversations, and I try to illuminate as many connections as I can muster in this important moment. 
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 18: Mercury Direct and the Astrology of 11/3 - 11/8


    I walk us through the astrology of the week ahead, and lead listeners through a guided meditation for grounding and aura reinforcement, as we move through a tumultuous week.
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 17: Season of Shadow and the Taurus Full Moon


    I talk us through the importance of connecting with grief in Scorpio season, the ancient Greek roots of mourning, and the astrology of the week ahead. 
  • Neptune Rising podcast

    Episode 16: What To Do With Mars Rx? + Astrology of 9/6 - 9/13


    Mars stations retrograde this week at 28° Aries, and will remain retrograde through November 13th, stationing direct at 15° in the sign of the ram. In that time, we will have plentiful opportunities to explore themes of anger, rage that is both personal and collective, and the somatic processing of fury. Mars will be colliding with Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, and in light of this I offer insight into what we can expect, and what we can hope to achieve.  As always, I write about the astrology of the week ahead, to give grounding and perspective on our collective astrological experience. 

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