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My Chemical Fancast

A biweekly podcast about all things My Chemical Romance, created by two die-hard fans. Join us as we chronicle the journey of this iconic group and discuss their discography (and more) in depth.

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  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Danger Days Is About Being Loud: An Interview with Kerin Cunningham


    Look alive, folks! It's summer, it's hot, and we're feeling a little post-apocalyptic. Keep your boots tight, keep your gun close, and strap in for our interview with @KerinCunningham, fan merch extraordinaire and creative director of Hipdot's x MCR's latest release: the Danger Days collection. Pre-order yours by July 29 here:
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    The Art of the Troll: An Interview with Raven, the Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness


    Sup, we're My Chemical Fancast, your acid bath podcast of the emos, and we're here to share an interview with a true mid 00s icon: Sarah, AKA Raven, the Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness. Join as we talk with her about how those legendary videos got made, the all-important distinction between emos and goths, the My Immortal rumors, and the perils of being online in the age before empathy. 4Chan, YouTube, and Davey Havok's new hair: it's all here on this special episode of My Chemical Fancast. 
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

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  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    The Pencey Prep Special


    New year, new episode, my dudes! This time we're sinking our teeth into New Jersey's early 00s finest: Pencey Prep. Heartbreak in Stereo is finally on Spotify and needless to say, we're jazzed. Join as we talk about the band, the album, the ~growth~, and reminisce about a simpler time when all you had to worry about was your latest summer heartbreak. It's all here on this episode of My Chemical Fancast. 
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Episode 44: A good time, not a long time


    The time has come. It's our final episode! Join us as we analyze our very last MCR mystery, reminisce about times gone by, and bid you a fond farewell (for now). Featuring: queens of the night Tara and Raven, orphan ghosts, and Dracula 2000. It's all here on the final-ish installation of your friendly neighborhood My Chemical Fancast. 
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Episode 43: World peace is overrated


    When the state of the world is less than ideal, there's always comfort to be found in the iconic The Black Parade Is Dead performances. Today we dive deep into those, and add on a discussion of the second season of Umbrella Academy. Join us as we give you hot tips for dealing with the fae, wax nostalgic about striped arm warmers, and follow our dream to live like cicadas. It's all here on My Chemical Fancast!
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Episode 42: I didn't make him for you


    We are back, we are talking about our favorite band MCR, and this week we're exploring the My Chemical Renaissance. When did people start deciding they weren't totally lame and why? And will white men ever just take a seat? Join us for this discussion of the emo revival on the latest episode of My Chemical Fancast. 
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Feel your feelings


    Hello, friends. A lot is happening, and we didn't feel like talking about MCR this week. Instead, we had a chat with our good friend Brianna Tong about BLM, how to stay safe at protests, and how to get involved in your local community to create change. Even small things can have a big impact on life in your community, and if you're motivated by this movement, we hope that you can harness and channel that energy into making a difference where you live. #BlackLivesMatter
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Episode 41: Coulda been a contendah


    Let's call this one the Easter egg episode. Today we talk about MCR in pop culture, from their excellent Simlish version of "Na Na Na" to the mysteries of their Bruce Almighty IMDB entry to possibly the rarest MCR song ever to exist, the fabled "Hell Hath No Fury." Get the scoop on all of it in this latest episode of My Chemical Fancast!
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Episode 40: It's so hard to be in hell


    If someone could please point us in the direction of the fun layer of hell, we'd really appreciate it. This week we try to distract from the impending apocalypse by talking about our favorite band: MCR. Why were they Like That on Projekt Revolution? Can Gerard Way have "worldbuilder" as his job title? And what are the implications of that if we ourselves are in one of his worlds? Check it out on the latest episode of My Chemical Fancast.
  • My Chemical Fancast podcast

    Episode 39: What is time


    Hello from quarantine, friends. The pandemic has taken quite a toll on us, and we just wanted to hang out, check in, and see what's up! In this episode we answer some more of your burning questions, offer dubious advice, and talk about what to do when your favorite band cancels shows. Chill out and join us for this latest episode of My Chemical Fancast. 

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