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Ep 22 : James Nestor | Mulligan Brothers Motivation with Jordan Mulligan

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Have you ever given your method of breathing a second thought? 

Do you know the correct way to breathe?

James Nestor is a man of many talents - journalist, author, and adventurer - who has made a name for himself by exploring some of the most fascinating and under-explored corners of the world. With a curious mind and a keen eye for detail, Nestor has delved into topics as diverse as the human breath, the mysterious depths of the ocean, and the hidden world of free diving. Through his writing and his research, he has uncovered incredible stories and insights that challenge our understanding of the world around us and help us see it in a whole new light. Whether you're interested in science, adventure, or simply exploring the unknown, James Nestor is a writer and thinker you won't want to miss.

Join Jordan as he sits down with James and discusses the correct breathing technique and much more...

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