Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

Molecules, microbes and multiomics

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Molecules, microbes and multiomics is DNA Genotek's podcast, featuring experts in all areas of the genomics, microbiome and multiomics space. To learn more about any of these emerging areas of science, tune in.

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  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Phosphorus: Stretching the Capabilities of Clinical-Grade Genetic Testing


    We invited Alexander Bisignano, CEO of Phosphorus, to tell us more about his company’s application of genetic testing and to share what is in store for them in the future. 
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Forensic science and the oral microbiome


    Can the oral microbiome help law enforcement link suspects to crime scenes or evidence? In this episode of Molecules, Microbes and Multiomics Heloise Breton PhD, a product manager at DNA Genotek with a background in forensic science, and Megan Anderson, a recent graduate from Rock Canyon High School, chatted with us about Megan’s project on the oral microbiome in collaboration with the team of scientists at Diversigen.
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

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  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Urine the 'golden sample': Why is urine so exciting in cervical cancer prevention?


    We recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Severien Van Keer, a post-doc researcher at the VAXINFECTIO research group, at the University of Antwerp. Her research primarily focuses on Human Papillomavirus (HPV) detection in first-void urine, and the potential of urine as a sample type for cervical cancer screening. Her research also includes Novosanis' Colli-Pee®, a first-void urine collection device.
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Oral microbiome: The key to better therapeutics


    One new start-up microbiology company, Brick Built, is focused on the potential of the human oral microbiome. Our two microbiome product managers at DNA Genotek, Dr. Heloise Breton, and Laura Cunningham, had the pleasure of speaking with Brick Built Therapeutics co-founder Dr. Brian Klein about the role and future potentials of the oral microbiome in our health and biotech industry.
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Leaving no microbe behind: Shoreline Biome’s easy solutions for microbiome NGS


    Shoreline Biome is a microbiome-focused company that provides simple solutions for microbiome next-generation sequencing. They develop tools and reagents to support end-to-end microbiome analysis. We talk about the amazing work of the team at Shoreline Biome and had the pleasure to interview their Director of R&D, Dawn Gratalo. 
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Behind the data: an interview with Dr. Dan Knights


    In this interview with Dr. Dan Knights, Senior Scientific Advisor of Diversigen, learn about the future of data generation from microbiome samples. Dr. Knights discusses how he started in microbiome and bioinformatics research, ways to increase the power of microbiome studies, and different signals within the microbiome.
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    RNA breakthroughs in autism, concussions, and COVID-19


    In this podcast, we explore how DNA Genotek and Quadrant Biosciences have been working together to support advancements in various diseases via RNA research and collection. Together, they've created RNA tests for early detection of autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and COVID-19.
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Probiotics, a possible solution to COVID-19 transmission?


    We interview a team from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, who are exploring the impact of probiotics in COVID-19 transmission with a new clinical trial: Probiotics To Eliminate COVID-19 Transmission in Exposed Household Contacts (PROTECT-EHC).
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Personalized skin care: the beauty industry diving into the microbiome


    The interest in human microbiome has widened from the gut to other parts of the human body, like skin. One company saw an opportunity to combine the science of the human skin microbiome, makeup and skincare. In this episode of Molecules, Microbes, and Multiomics, we interview the co-founders of Pure Culture Beauty Joy Chen, former CEO of Yes To and H2O+ Beauty, and Victor Casale, former chief chemist of MAC Cosmetics and co-founder of Cover FX.
  • Molecules, microbes and multiomics podcast

    Challenges and solutions for global shortages of materials for COVID-19 testing


    When the pandemic hit, the demand for COVID-19 testing drastically increased, resulting in shortages of COVID-19 sampling and laboratory supplies and impacting the number of tests that could be performed. When we confirmed that our collection devices could stabilize, and inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we knew we could help. In this podcast we discuss the challenges and solutions for global shortages of materials for COVID-19 testing featuring DNA Genotek's COVID-19 experts.

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