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New vocabulary word for the children: debauchery, perversion, sodomy, transgression, witchcraft

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This week we cover Meta, envisioning a virtual reality world of Boomer facebook posts lovingly rendered in 3 dimensions

Also, Florida school children take a small-business themed field trip to a restaurant that happens to be popular with the LGBTQ community, so the school board is receiving death threats.

Music: Limp Wrist - Just Like You

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  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    Like a chihuahua Prius drivers want to act like a big car (clip)


    Because of Alex's holiday season workload we've been on a Patreon-only schedule. We hope to be getting back to regular free episodes as soon as next week, but in the meantime you can hear all the premium episodes from December and January by supporting the show at for only $3.11/month This week the internet collectively winces as an aggressive Florida Republican starts a road rage shootout and gets outgunned by a Prius driver. Also: Joe Biden's supply chain claims its worst victim yet: buffalo wing appetizers and the Has Brown Casserole at Cracker Barrel
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    Interview with the Antichrist


    Unlocked from our Patreon: This week we talk about the insane Epoch Times' "Interview with the Antichrist," a film that crams every imaginable Christian grievance into a 90 minute fake interview with satan's most powerful minion. Pure End Times Behavior 
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

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  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    take a deeper look at how your comments look. Ouch! (clip)


    Support the show for as little as $3.11/month at and get a bonus episode every week, as well as instant access to every previous bonus episode right in your podcast app This week we reflect on Donald Trump's victory in the War on Christmas--even muslims and jews like christmas now! Also, we celebrate the first ever Starbucks union, but not everyone is happy, such as people who fantasize about owning a coffee shop. Finally, an instacart delivery driver runs over an elderly couple's precious groceries for having a blue lives matter sign in their yard, police say. What do the people say? Off with her head!
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    Last Responders 2100 Degrees the lava episode (preview)


    The one and only Anje came on to help me talk about the legendary Lone Star episode "2100" the LAVA EPISODE!!! We talk satin, scorpions, and sloughed off skin when a dormant volcano decides to erupt under Austin. 
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    Who says it's not a hate crime against us, against Fox News? (clip)


    Support the show for $3.11/month at and get a bonus episode in your podcast app every week, as well as instant access to every previous bonus episode. This week we cover a heinous attack on Christmas, Christianity, and whiteness itself: the burning of the Fox News Times Square American Christmas Tree Also: Hannity viewers grapple with Comrade Sanders demanding that medicare cover dental benefits for seniors. Hey Bernie, unlike you, I actually take care of my teeth!
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    Interview with the Antichrist (clip)


    Support the show for only $3.11/month at and get instant access to every bonus episode directly in your podcast app. This week we cover the insane Epoch Times film, "Interview with the Antichrist." In the aftermath of the rapture and amid a barrage of off-screen plagues and climate catastrophes, an intrepid reporter finally interviews the Antichrist, the christian-hating leader of this apocalyptic world. The Antichrist reveals the "End Times Behavior" that lukewarm Christians enabled, such as scaring the elderly by revving their Harley bikes, watching Netflix as much as secular heathens, poor customer service, watching Will Ferrel's Elf, and the knockout game.
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    A Salvation Army bell ringer was outside Cabela's. My wife saw the glee in my eye's when I spotted him, she pleaded I not confront him.


    This week we cover the right-wing backlash to a Salvation Army internal employee guide that, according to Daily Wire, demands white donors apologize for their racism Also, very online Trump supporters react to Republican Senator Josh Hawley asking men to stop jerking off and gaming Support the show for $3.11/month at for bonus episodes every week & instant access to hundreds of previous bonus episodes Music: Crumb - Up & Down
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    I was just thinking what kind of song would Kid Rock write in the current situations of this mess in our country (clip)


    Support the show for only $3.11/mo at and get a bonus episode every week, as well as instant access to every previous bonus episode (hundreds of hours of content) right in your podcast app. This week we cover the new Kid Rock song "Don't Tell Me How To Live," which aims to offend millennials but mostly offends conservatives with its vulgar language Also: prominent right wingers call for a race war because of a wikipedia entry title they didn't like
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    Adding this eplicitly Asian-American muppet actually transforms Ernie. It makes him caucasian.


    This week we cover CPAC president Matt Schlapp's war against the woke-ification of Sesame Street by including an asian puppet, and one facebook commenter imagines what it would be like if there were a white puppet. Also: scary times at the UK Aldi, as a mum is driven starkers by a mad cashier who refused to slow down. Support the show for only $3.11/mo at and get instant access to every weekly bonus episode directly in your podcast app
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    TO THOSE WHO HAVE NO CLUE: I watched my neighbor's 6'+ tall football player son come in from a hot day and drain a gallon jug of milk in one go (clip)


    Support the show for $3.11/month at and get instant access to this and every weekly bonus episode This week we cover the satanic, vaccine, fentanyl, and rap music panics surrounding the deadly Travis Scott concert Also, CNN lends a sensitive ear to America's milkiest family. Why is Joe Biden charging us so much for that moo juice??

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