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China targeted gamers... gamers (clip)

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This week we chat about Tony's weather trouble, killer palm trees, and the Cars video game

Also, China puts restrictions on minors' usage of online games, and we watch the Fox News comment section try to reconcile its hatred of teens with its hatred of China

Finally, Lil Nas X does a maternity photoshoot, complete with prosthetic belly, and in the backlash we note the way cultural conservatism, conspiracy theories, and identity scapegoating crosses racial lines

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    Unions cause more deaths with their policies and lies than any flu ever could


    Support the show for $3/month at and get instant access to every weekly bonus episode, right in your podcast app It's a real humdinger this week as we reveal why Tony and Alex are black and white, cover SoCal Teachers going viral with insane fake Native American educational comedy routines, and watch formerly radical rap groups eulogize an American war criminal Also: a fascinating look at how the right wing is responding to massive labor actions across the country,  how their news outlets are (or aren't) covering them, and how this response may mutate based on changing conditions in the country.
  • Minion Death Cult podcast

    Last Responders "Monster Inside" ft Aaron Thorpe


    Finally after a saga of technical difficulties Aaron Thorpe from The Trillbillies was able to lay down an incredible episode where we cover 9-1-1 Lonestar "Monster Inside". This episode takes on themes like mental illness and addiction with the trigger discipline of let's say a terrified child with a revolver. Also theres a dog in this episode.
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  • Minion Death Cult podcast



    This week we take a respectful, serious tone as we offer advice to various online posters, with the help of relationship advice podcast Radio Free Tote Bag. Questions featured on this show: "Can a police officer ejaculate so prematurely that he dies?" "Do seat belts prevent the momentum necessary to escape your vehicle in an emergency?" "What kind of bicycles do all these new genders ride?" And many more Support the show for $3.11/mo and get a bonus episode every week at  
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    I'm glad my ancestors were enslaved (clip)


    Support the show for only $3.11/month at and get instant access to weekly bonus episodes, including all previous episodes, directly in your podcast app This week for columbus day we cover the increasingly deranged right wing attempts to justify the genocide of Indigenous peoples, And, Bisexual Superman fails to save the day for one right wing actor and a Daily Wire comment section
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    Change my flag, I'll change your ass


    This week we cover the inane NYT piece "Redesigning America's Flag" and the unhinged conservative response. Also, a girl boss CEO teaches her fellow workers how to be humble and accept less Preorder the Bart Against Bosses shirt and stickers at Get a bonus episode every week, access to all previous bonus episodes, and 25% off all merch for only $3.11/month at
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    Achmed Saves America (clip)


    Support the show for only $3.11/month at and get instant access to weekly bonus episodes right in your podcast app. This week, Alex tells a humorous work story, and we cover the 2014 animated film "Achmed Saves America" featuring everyone's favorite dead terrorist. That well runs dry pretty quickly, so we pivot to Current Events with a facebook post from an angry Mama Grizzly whose cubs were suspended for wearing Republican pants (jeans) and white supremacist shirts (workwear). This definitely happened.
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    Yoda: "The Robin Hood gene is strong in this one."


    This week it's a couple... good? new stories, one involving facebook vigilantes successfully bullying Walmart into waving charges against a shoplifting dad and, Washington State gets rid of solitary confinement after determining it is ineffective, which is of course an affront to me personally Buy the shirt and stickers: Support the show and get a bonus episode every week at  Music: Pavement - Unfair
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    You stole my vote and it's going to cost you three fingers from your right hand.


    It's Merch Time. Get the "Bart Against Bosses" T-Shirt and fun workplace stickers at Support the show, support abortion mutual-aid funds in Texas, get a bonus episode every week and 25% off all merchandise by subscribing at for only 3.11/mo This week it's the Arizona vote audit, the thing Trump voters have invested most of their psychic energy into for the past year, and the results are not good! Also, a FedEx driver is fighting the good fight against Biden voters by delaying their orders for righteous reasons instead of the normal FedEx reasons Finally, a 29 year-old writes an article for the UK Times about how he can't find a date because women are too ideologically pure.  
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    This week our pal Eddie Deezen is in the news again, probably for being totally normal around waitresses Also a Seattle liberal doormat report from Alexander And why doesn't Trump start a hospital to rival all the other hospitals and staff it with the nurses who got fired  
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    Pigman w/Abdul Malik (clip)


    Support the show for $3/month at and get a bonus episode every week. At the end of September, we will donate half of this month's income to abortion mutual aid providers in Texas. This week we explore "The Infidel, featuring Pigman," a 2015 comic book about a handsome comic book author who draws the anti-muslim superhero "Pigman," and also fights muslims himself Filled with fascinating ideas about Islam (it's gay), Frank-Miller inspired illustrations and ideology, and plenty of Randian Objectivism, Pigman is a fascinating look at someone whose claim to fame is drawing Muhammed "over 500 times"

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