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Dr. Jeannette Daneals and Janell Hartman

Dr. Jeannette Daneals comes to you with fire and passion when it comes to discussions around the intelligence of the human body. Her rocket fuel is service, best expressed when leading inspirational conversations. Dr. Daneals contributes in the world as a naturopathic doctor, massage therapist, and fitness trainer. Joining her is Janell Hartman, close friend and colleague. Janell is a skilled colon hydro therapist, lymphatic therapist and leads yoga teacher trainings in the Seattle area. She lends perspective from the eastern traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and promotes restorative lifestyle routines. Between the two of these gals, you are in for a brilliantly diverse and daring ride into the world of natural health. This podcast is for anyone with a robust appetite for personal transformation and a readiness to add to their knowledge vault in the areas of: *Health and Fitness *Ancient Healing Wisdom *Historical Events that Impact the Field of Medicine Visit our podcast homepage at mindfulmedicinapodcast.com for show notes on each episode, learn more about our project, and ask health-related questions you might like to hear answered on an upcoming show!

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