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Angie and Trevor

The Marathon Training Academy Podcast will help you unlock your potential to conquer the marathon and change your life. Since 2010 Angie and Trevor have shared tips, inspiration, and interesting guests interviews to help listeners run smarter, avoid injury, and go the distance!

What RUNNER’S WORLD says about the MTA Podcast:

“If you’re training for 26.2, running coach Angie Spencer and her husband, Trevor, have everything you need to reach the finish line. The duo provides plenty of training tips, interviews, and reviews of marathons from around the world. (Angie has run one in every state!) While they don’t always bring on guests, runners like Sara Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein, and even actor Sean Astin have all stopped by.”

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  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    The Practice of Groundedness with Brad Stulberg


    In this episode we speak with Brad Stulberg performance coach and author of the book, 'The Practice of Groundedness -A Transformative Path to Success That Feeds Not Crushes Your Soul'. In this interview Brad explains the modern day problem of "heroic individualism" and the six practices of groundedness: Acceptance Being Present Patience Vulnerability Deep Community Movement We especially enjoyed Brad’s take on seeing your running as a physical 'practice'.  Remember, the path is the goal and the goal is the path! Links: InsideTracker: Athletic Greens: Drury Hotels: Get the book here:
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    Issues Faced by Slower Runners (Replay Episode)


    In this episode we replay a popular episode from the Podcast Vault where we discuss Issues Faced by Slower Runners, "Tales from the Back of the Pack".  Plus Coach Angie gives a quick roundup of the 2021 New York City Marathon -winners, celebrities, and special moments. Links: Read comments share your story here: UCAN Energy (fuel for runs and races) InsideTracker -get your bloodwork done and analyze the data
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

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  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    Interview with Harvey Lewis - 354 Miles in 85 Hours


    In this episode we speak with Harvey Lewis an ultra runner and school teacher from Cincinnati who won "Big’s Backyard Ultra" by running 354 miles in 85 hours! Links: Run Quest Travel - website for Harvey Lewis InsideTracker: Get 25% off the entire InsideTracker store Athletic Greens: FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase.
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    On the Ground at the Boston Marathon


    In this episode we recap the 2021 Boston Marathon.  Feel the energy from the crowds and come with Angie as she takes you along the historic Boston course (with a bad hamstring)!  You will hear inspiring stories from the world's oldest marathon plus soundbites from fans of the MTA Podcast. Sponsor Links: UCAN -SAVE 20% on your order with code MTACHALLENGE MetPro -get $500 off their concierge nutrition coaching
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    I Hate Running and You Can Too!


    In this episode we speak with Brendan Leonard author of the book, "I Hate Running and You Can Too -How to Get Started, Keep Going, and Make Sense of an Irrational Passion".  Hear why it's ok to walk in a marathon and why you get to create your own definition of success.  We also ask Brendan about what it's like to make a living as an outdoor writer. Links from this Episode: Amazon link for the book, I Hate Running And You Can Too  Brendan Leonard website: Semi-Rad Smart Pointe Air Treatment System -eliminates unsafe airborne particles The Richmond Marathon and Half takes place November 13th The Drury Hotels -get 15% off your stay Work with a running coach here  Become an Academy Member here:
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    Interview with Dave McGillivray -Race Director of the Boston Marathon


    In this episode we speak with Dave McGillivray the Race Director at the Boston Marathon and accomplished endurance athlete about what brought him into the sport and what it’s like to direct the World’s Oldest Marathon (125 years in 2021) Featured Links: Dave McGillivray website: PIONAIR SMART POINTE AIR TREATMENT SYSTEM. The Richmond Marathon in Richmond Virginia Athletic Greens. -Get a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first subscription purchase with our link.
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    Race Recap: Running in the Italian Alps 🇮🇹


    In this episode Trevor shares what it was like to run a brutal trail marathon in the Italian Alps with 2,863 meters (9,393.04 feet) of elevation gain. And in the quick tip segment we feature a question about how many calories to consume on long run days versus lower mileage days. Episode Sponsors: MetPro.  For a free consultation call with a nutrition coach Ucan.  Save 20% on their fueling products with our link The Richmond Marathon.  Run in Virginia's capital November 13th.
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    "Live Long and Prosper" -Interview with Lisa Tamati


    In this episode we speak with Lisa Tamati -an extreme endurance athlete from New Zealand, author, speaker, and mindset expert. And in the quick tip segment, get recommendations on healthy snacks to help keep your hunger in check between meals! Links from this Episode: Lisa Tamati: Episode Sponsors: MetPro.  For a free consultation call with a nutrition coach Ucan.  Save 20% on their fueling products with our link
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    Running a Marathon is Not Rocket Science 🤯


    In this episode we speak with rocket scientist and runner Melissa Corley Carter PhD who took on the challenge of running a marathon on every continent!  And in the quick tip segment, we feature a listener question about intermittent fasting for runners. Links  Read our full show notes here: Melissa Corley Carter's website: Running the World coffee table book. MetPro -Speak with a metabolic expert. The PionAir Smart Pointe Air Treatment System: The Richmond Marathon in Richmond, Virginia:
  • Marathon Training Academy podcast

    No Human is Limited


    In this episode we look back at the Olympic Marathon results and other inspiring moments from Tokyo. And in the quick tip segment, we feature a question sent in from a listener about anabolic diets for runners.   “Athletics is not so much about the legs, it’s about the heart and mind.”  -Eliud Kipchoge, Marathon Gold Medalist    Links: Read our full show notes here: Join the Academy here:   Episode Sponsors  MetPro -talk to a MetPro nutrition coach:  Athletic Greens - Get 5 free travel packs with your first purchase The Drury Hotel Company -save 15% on your stay:

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