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A high-performing man’s guide to the essentials: PURPOSE: Learn how to find your calling and live a life of meaning and fulfillment. SEX & INTIMACY: Master sex and deepen intimacy MASCULINITY: Debunk outdated myths and define masculinity on your own terms. LEADERSHIP: Master the art of leading yourself so you can inspire and impact others. BOOKS GREAT MEN READ: Get access to must-read books for aspiring Great Men. WOMEN: Learn inside secrets from inspiring leaders of women’s communities. It’s been said that the Definition of Hell is: “At the end of your life, the man you became meets the man you could have become.” This happens to the men who choose to settle for a life of predictability, comfort and safety…at the expense of living their Purpose. This podcast is for the man who rejects good because he settles for nothing less than Great. That man you “could have become” is the Great Man Within you. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) calls this the “other self.” Stephen Pressfield (War of Art) calls this “the unlived life.” Wayne Dyer (Wishes Fulfilled) calls this “the invisible self.” Dominick Quartuccio and Bryan Stacy are your guides to helping you discover and live The Great Man Within You.

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    Building Your Best Self #3: Becoming the Master of Your Time


    270: Design the Next Year of Your Life Masterclass: Nov 17th, 7:00-8:30pm ET (get on the list to be notified when registration is live): Please put “Design the Next Year of Your Life Masterclass” in the subject line Join the Facebook Group for Men: -------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to week #3 of the Building Your Best Self Series, a 13-episode mini adventure to help you envision that next level you intend to step into in 2022. The first week we tackled 5 questions every man needs to ask about his life. Last week we explored one of the most crucial concepts in finding your next level: doing what gives you your Greatest Energy. Today’s episode is all about mastering your relationship with Time. We’re going to explore what is your present-day Time Identity? In other words, do you identify with having: An empowering relationship with time? A love hate relationship? Are you militant with time? Are you wasteful with time? A self-critical relationship with how you manage time? Chances are you’ve developed a pretty strong identity around your relationship with time. And now you get to ask yourself, how can I improve it? In This Episode, we’re going to hit both mindset and practical tactics you can employ to navigate your time more effectively: The single most important mindset shift you need to make to own your time Why priority management trumps time management 2 questions to ask yourself to interrupt overwhelm and chronically busy states of being Why your Greatest Energy is the lynchpin to determining your priorities A process for chunking your time into 3 categories How to block and protect your calendar for the most important things
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    Building Your Best Self #2: Finding Your Greatest Energy


    269: Design the Next Year of Your Life Masterclass: Nov 17th, 7:00-8:30pm ET (get on the list to be notified when registration is live): Please put “Design the Next Year of Your Life Masterclass” in the subject line Join the Facebook Group for Men: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentlemen. Welcome back to our special Building Your Best Self Series, a 13-episode mini adventure to help you envision the Great Man you intend to become in 2022, to commit to becoming that man, and how to develop a plan of action to bring your best self into being. Last week we kicked off the first of 13 episodes, tackling 5 questions every man needs to ask about his life. Highly encourage you to go back and listen to that if you haven’t already. Today is episode #2 of 13, and we’re going to be exploring one of the most crucial concepts around how to find Purpose in your life: doing what gives you your Greatest Energy. Your Greatest Energy comes from doing the things where you feel a full sense of engagement – fully absorbed in what you’re doing, often losing track of time in the process, and feeling that intrinsic sense of fulfillment when you’re done. In other words, its not about the outcome, but the inner reward of how you felt during that entire time you spent in your Greatest Energy. If you spent 8 hours in your Greatest Energy, sure might find yourself physically tired, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, your tank is full. You might be thinking “I have no idea what gives me that feeling,” in which case, you’re not alone, and you’re not in the minority. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a roadmap for how to discover and spend more time doing the things that give you your Greatest Energy. In This Episode: 5 questions to help you identify your Greatest Energy Why curiosity is your compass for finding your Greatest Energy Why finding your Greatest Energy often has nothing to do with your work How you can integrate your Greatest Energy into your work How following your Greatest Energy inevitably leads you to living your Purpose
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    Building Your Best Self #1: 5 Questions Every Man Must Ask About His Life


    #268 The Article: 10 Questions Every Man Must Ask About His Life Join the Facebook Group for Men: --------------------------------------- There comes a time in a man’s life – usually at 1:30am on a Sunday night when you’re trying to sleep – when you start to ask yourself the deeper questions about life, such as: “Who am I?” “What the hell am I doing with my life?” “How many more streaming services before I feel complete?” These are big questions, well, the first two were at least, and they can be nearly impossible to navigate on your own. You see, the quality of your life often depends on the quality of questions you ask. That’s particularly true of the quality of questions you ask as you inspect your own life. As we’re already in the final 90 days of 2021, you may find yourself asking deeper questions about how you showed up this year, how you want to finish this year, and how you want to kickstart 2022. So to help you do that, the final 13 episodes of 2021 are all organized and tightly focused around one central theme: Stepping Into Your Great Man in 2022. That means we’ll be honing in on: How to design the next year of your life How to design the optimal day How to execute on the complex and meaningful changes in your life The books you need to read in 2022 How to build a life that feels adventurous, meaningful and full of forward momentum These are just a few of the topics you can expect over the final 90 days of this year. This episode kickstarts our 90 day march towards the finish line of 2021: 5 Questions Every Man Must Ask About His Life. By the way, these questions have been sourced by the men in The Great Man Within community…there’s 10 of them actually. And the big dawg Bryan Stacy and I are going to get you started with the first 5 questions. The other 5 are linked in the show notes with the article titled: 10 Questions Every Man Must Ask About His Life. This article is a great piece for you to share with the men in your life who are starting to ask different questions about their life…but are hesitant or unsure about taking action yet. It’s written in plain English so the mainstream man can digest it. And again, that’s linked in the shownotes.
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    How to Cultivate Warrior Level Resiliency (when the Mack Truck hits you)


    #267 Inquire about the Digital Mastermind: Remember, half assed inquiries will be ignored. Let me feel you.   Join the Facebook Group for Men: ------------------------------------------------------------------   There’s a time in every man’s life where he gets hit by the metaphorical Mack truck: A global pandemic wipes out your business/savings You unexpectedly lose the job that your identity is wrapped up in An infidelity in your relationship is exposed Your child has a mental health crisis You did something “unforgivable” while you were in a rage or had too much to drink You have a terrifying medical health diagnosis You mistakenly send an email to 300 of your corporate clients about a podcast on pornography…like I did. These Mack Truck moments can either flatten you, or they can be opportunities to discover a new level of strength and unshakeable confidence within you. In this Episode: The elements of cultivating Warrior Level Resiliency Why these Mack Truck Moments are often a compass to your best self in disguise Why finding meaning in your suffering is essential to resiliency
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    Money, Sex and Identity (DQ Solo)


    #266 Join the Facebook Group for Men: Email me: (What are the most important topics you want Bryan and I to cover to help you become your best self in 2022?) -------------------------------------------------- In this Episode: 10 minutes on each of these topics: 1. Money. Unpacking the most important lessons from Lynne Twist’s perspective expanding book: The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Life 2. Sex. Survey results from 300 women in my community on the following questions: a. In your experience, do men typically invite you into pre-sex conversations about desires, boundaries, how your body is feeling in this moment etc? b. When you’ve established a boundary or said “no” to something, does the man thank you for communicating that…or does he react with disappointment or resistance? c. On average, how do you feel about the level of aftercare you’ve received from your man (aftercare = after the physical sex is over, how does he care for you emotionally)? 3. Identity: Since the single biggest driver of your life’s actions is your identity, it begs the question: How much of your identity have you consciously chosen, and how much if it is unconscious? Resources Referenced in the Episode The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist: Click Here Ep #264: A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Better Sexual Conversations w/Your Woman feat. Hannah Deindorfer On Apple Podcasts: Click Here On Spotify: Click Here
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    Training Techniques to Last as Long as You Want in Bed feat. Cam Fraser


    #265 Join the Facebook Group for Men: Free Resources (book lists, meditations, worksheets): --------------------------------------------------------------- On this podcast we’ve had a number of experts who specialize in various realms of men’s health – physical, mental, emotional, sexual and otherwise – but this is the first time we’ve brought on a sex coach who specializes in working with male clients. 
 Cam Fraser is a sex coach for men, a counselor, yoga teacher and tantric practitioner. Cam’s highly regarded in the sex education communities where Bryan and I travel. He specializes in helping men realize there’s nothing wrong with them if they experience premature ejaculation, low libido, erectile dysfunction…and instead provides practical guidance on how to take control over these areas of your sexual life which in turn brings confidence to all other areas of your life. He also runs the Men, Sex and Pleasure podcast, where some of his most popular episodes include: Sexual Kung Fu and Semen Retention Multiple Orgasms for Men Penis Size: Working With What You’ve Got He’s also a new father of 4 month old Fergus…congratulations brother! In this Episode Cam gets into some practical techniques and practices to help train yourself to last as long as you want in bed. The 3 ways men tend to masturbate…and how none of them train you to have control over how long you last in bed How to start masturbating differently so you can enhance your control and lasting power Why using lube during masturbation may help you last longer with your partner 2 practices to enhance ejaculation control The practice of “pleasure mapping,” how it enhances your zones of pleasure, and why it’s an excellent intimacy building tool to use with your partner And FYI because Cam’s on a 12 hour time difference and navigating the chaotic schedule of being a new father, the only time we were able to coordinate Bryan couldn’t swing…so he sends his regards. RESOURCES Cam’s Website: Cam on Instagram: @TheCamFraser Cam’s TEDXPerth Talk: Language of Love Cam’s Podcast: Men, Sex and Pleasure with Cam Fraser Outperform a Porn Star 6 Week Course: Click Here “20 Simple Things You Can Do To Last Longer” Instagram Post: Click Here
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    A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Better Sexual Conversations w/Your Woman feat. Hannah Deindorfer


    #264 Join the Facebook Group for Men: Download free resources: Inquire about The Great Man Mastermind: ------------------------------------------------------- In the one of our Great Man Masterminds, we’ve embarked on a 90-day exploration on how to become better lovers to our romantic partners. We’re focusing on 3 main themes: Leadership – How are we leading both in and out of the bedroom. Intimacy – How do we cultivate closeness and depth with our partners? Sexuality – What turns us on, our partners on, how do we keep the fire burning and how do we talk about all this stuff? In service to that last theme of sexuality, I knew I needed to introduce you guys to a very special woman who has a knack for distilling the practical steps necessary to invite your partner to have better conversations around sex. Who is Hannah Deindorfer? Hannah is a difficult woman to describe succinctly because she’s like a Swiss Army Knife of talents. She teaches female fitness entrepreneurs how to build 6-7 figure business practices with a blend of business and personal development coaching. She also teaches female business owners how to deepen their connection to pleasure, playfulness, purpose, and her power…through the realm of sexuality. Hannah is also a Queen of resilience. She’s a sexual abuse survivor, overcome anorexia, addiction, and depression to thrive in her personal life and as an entrepreneur. She’s also a proud submissive. She drops some wisdom bombs about how you can take BDSM communication techniques and use them to electrify more traditional sexual settings In this Episode A step-by-step blueprint for better sexual conversations How to invite her to have a conversation about sex that feels like a gift for her 3-4 questions you can ask to allow her to feel safe, cared for and build trust in you How to handle feelings of rejection when your desires aren’t met How and why to praise your woman when she says “no” before or during sex Why establishing safe words elevates trust and enables the exploration of new territory The most underrated part of sex – aftercare – and examples of how you can bring your women in for a smooth landing after rocking her world One quick note: The title of this episode has “woman” in it because Hannah speaks from her own experience as a woman, but I reckon most of what she shared is applicable to any sexual partnership that desires better communication. Get in Touch With Hannah Instagram: @HannahDeindorfer Website: 10 Week Sacred Slut Course:
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    Matt Zerker, Founder of Tethr, Men’s Mental Health Community on Finding Inner Freedom, The Dangers of High Performance Driven by Fear, and The Benefits of Community vs. Lone Wolfing


    #263 Join the Facebook Group for Men: Stop Lone Wolfing and Inquire about The Great Man Masterminds: ----------------------------------------- “I don’t want to live. I don’t want to die. I don’t know what to do.” These were the words that left Matt Zerker’s lips in front of his men’s group. It was his first time verbalizing and fully coming clean about the realities of his inner struggle that he’d lone wolfed for so long on his own. That was the day he found a newfound sense of freedom, power and clarity in his life. Up until that point, Matt was extremely successful on paper – a high performer in every regard from athletics, to social standing to business, where he helped start a quantitative asset management firm with $0 in assets grow to $350M. But like so many men, much of that high performance lifestyle was driven from a deep sense of inadequacy, vs from a conscious connection to his inner compass guided by his higher purpose. After the sudden death of a close friend and hitting his own personal bottom… …Matt began a painful journey to find his center, which eluded him for a number of years as he sought help on his own. He would only find that center once he stopped lone wolfing and found a community of men where he could reveal the reality of his inner struggle – not wanting to live, not wanting to die, and having no idea what to do next. Today,Mmatt is the founder and CEO of Tethr which is an app-based community and well-being platform for men…specifically supporting men with anxiety and depression. Tethr has been featured in the NY Times and Healthline and I personally think it’s an intriguing platform where men around the world can find and support one another in the most challenging of times. IN THIS EPISODE How to know when your drive for high-performance is really rooted in fear and feelings of inadequacy How our competitive environments keep us in constant comparison with other men, judging, pedestaling, subordinating men…all while allowing the chasm between us and other men to deepen The case for allowing your current identity to die so a deeper, stronger and freer part of you can emerge How the most painful part of your journey cannot be circumvented, and how to view it as an essential part of your growth journey An overview of the Tethr app and community and how to get involved RESOURCES: Website: App on Apple: Instagram: @TethrForMen Twitter: @TethrForMen Facebook: Evryman Retreats:
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    10 of the Biggest Lessons We’ve Learned from 250 Episodes


    #262 Join the Facebook Group for Men:   Download Free Resources:   Inquire about the Great Man Mastermind: ------------------------------------ After 250+ episodes, Bryan and I do an inventory of 10 of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from some of the most interesting guests – and provocative conversations – we’ve ever had on this show. All episodes we’ve referenced on the show can be found below: SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS FOR THE GREAT MAN WITHIN New Listeners “Start Here” Playlist (13 eps)Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes Top 10 Masculinity Episodes Mastermind Member Interviews (11 eps)     PODCASTS REFERENCED IN THIS EPISODE   #13. 11 Ideas to Design Your Morning Routine On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   #15. Daryl Davis, The Black Man Who Attends KKK Rallies On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   #20. How to Keep Your Dick Healthy feat. Dr. Amy B Killen On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   #30. 10 Ways Your Evening Routine is Sabotaging You On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   #38. How to Keep Your Dick Healthy Part Two feat. Dr Anthony Jay On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   #48. 5 Ways Men Lose Credibility with Women feat. Madelyn Moon On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   Madelyn Moon on Instagram: @MadelynMoon   #57. A Man’s Guide to the Menstrual Cycle feat. The Red School On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   #86. Keeping Sex and Desire Burning feat. Alexa Martinez On Apple Podcasts On Spotify #218. Real Talk About Depression and Suicide with Mental Health Comedian Frank King  On Apple Podcasts On Spotify   #246. Spiritual Lessons from My Special Needs Sister On Apple Podcasts On Spotify
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    Pushing Pause on Friday Episodes and Whats Next (DQ Solo)


    Join the Facebook Group for Men: Inquire about the Great Man Mastermind: Download Resources (book lists, meditations, cheat sheets etc):   --------------------------------- As of 8.20.21, we will be pushing pause on the Friday “DQ Solo” episodes so we can go back to the lab…   …and experiment with the next evolution of The Great Man Within podcast.   We’ve got some exciting new ideas and formats we’re toying with…   …so get ready for a new kind of listening (and learning) experience in the near future.   Monday episodes will continue to be released as they have since our inception in January of 2019.

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