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Healing frequencies for the Inner Cat

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This audio targets our quality to Rest and trust in the natural Resolve of Life. Every hunter needs a break to rejuvenate from the tiredness that comes with action. Don't fall into Exhaustion, and if you have, love yourself back into Balance. Sometimes we need extra support to go to sleep or to simply be with beingness. This is a short, but potent audio to speak to your Inner Cat the assurance that it is safe to sleep.You can play this also to your animal cat. 😽 I am offering 1:1 live Light Language audio and video sessions. ( for August the offering is 56 euros, 1h 30 min, time included for your sharing ). You can inquire/ book by email. If you are struggling with stress, exhaustion, I can also create a personalised Resting Audio for you ( 26 euros, 26 minutes ) 💙 I salute you and wish you a warm, balanced day. --- Send in a voice message:

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