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Dansk Arkitektur Center (DAC)

Join the Danish Architecture Center as we chat with some of the world’s leading architects, designers, planners, and engineers about their work and ideas. Let’s Talk Architecture introduces you to the creative and innovative minds behind the future of our buildings and cities. Generous funding is provided by Realdania and the Danish Industry Foundation which also support BLOX Talks, DAC’s evening lecture series with the speakers featured here. Learn more at dac.dk/en/podcast

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  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Architecture is the interplay between form and life: Jan Gehl


    Jan Gehl is one of the most important Danish architects of the past half century. He has had a great impact on the way we design our cities today – with focus on creating the best possible conditions for urban life. In this episode of Let’s Talk Architecture, Jan Gehl is taking us on a tour of his Copenhagen, from Dragør to Ørestaden and Kartoffelrækkerne, on a journey through some of the best and worst areas of the city. A journey that shows us how form influences life.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Changing the Conversation: Lene Tranberg and Erik Frandsen


    Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter is one of Denmark’s most celebrated and forward-thinking architect studios. On the occation of the well-acclaimed Danish pavilion, Con-nect-ed-ness, at the 2021 Venice Biennale, Michael Booth sat down with Lene Tranberg, co-founder and partner, and Erik Frandsen, architect and partner, to talk about the installation and how it changed the conversation at the studio.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

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  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Waste as an architectural resource: Anders Lendager, Lendager Group


    Lendager Group is leading the conversation in Denmark around architectural upcycling – the practice of creating a product of higher value than the original. The firm takes a circular rather than linear view and uses creative solutions to connect the dots between building waste headed for landfills and new construction. Lendager sat down with DAC’s Jen Masengarb to discuss the firm’s latest work and the problems yet to be solved. Support for this podcast comes from Realdania.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Architecture shapes behavior: 3XN / GXN’s Kasper Guldager Jensen


    Danish architect Kasper Guldager Jensen, co-owner of 3XN and founder of GXN – a research practice within the larger firm – chats with DAC’s Jen Masengarb. In a thought-provoking conversation, they discuss GXN’s unique team of sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists researching how architecture shapes our behavior. He also explains the firm’s design for the new Children’s Hospital in Copenhagen, featured in DAC’s 2020 exhibition, Kids’ City. Generous funding for the podcast is provided by Realdania.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Hoard anything you can’t download: Douglas Coupland with Bjarke Ingels


    Canadian artist and author Douglas Coupland’s slogans for the 21st century take on a new relevance in the era of COVID-19. Just before the virus paused large gatherings, DAC invited Coupland and Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to Copenhagen for an evening public conversation. The two observe daily life and bring into focus those things that may be just outside our peripheral vision.  Generous funding is provided by Realdania and the Danish Industry Foundation which also support BLOX Talks, DAC’s lecture series.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    When the present and future melt together: Douglas Coupland


    “I think we are stuck with permanent acceleration fatigue.” Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland joined DAC’s CEO Kent Martinussen for a thoughtful conversation about life in this age of the selfie, the rapid pace of change, and living in a permanent present-future. Coupland also speaks about Extreme Self -  his newest book and related exhibition. Generous funding is provided by Realdania and the Danish Industry Foundation which also support BLOX Talks, DAC’s lecture series which featured Coupland. 
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Our planet’s future and the drivers of change: Arup’s Chris Luebkeman


    What will our world look like in 2075? How will we solve our planet’s biggest energy, waste, climate change, water, demographic, urbanization, or poverty challenges? In a lively conversation about the future and our understanding of world citizenship, Chris Luebkeman, Global Foresight Leader at the engineering, architecture, and planning firm of Arup, shared his thoughts with DAC’s Jen Masengarb.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Time as a resource: Anupamu Kundoo


    Indian architect Anupamu Kundoo’s buildings often use very traditional and sustainable materials but used in surprising and experimental ways. Kundoo sat down with DAC’s Jen Masengarb to discuss the planet’s rapid urbanization and how as a contemporary designer she is working to help build a more equitable and sustainable economy for skilled local craftsmen.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Racing to finish Sagrada Familia: Arup’s Tristram Carfrae


    How do you finish one of the world’s most famous unfinished buildings? Without a set of original plans, a group of engineers and craftsmen are using new technologies and adapting historic techniques to finish Sagrada Familia by 2026. Arup engineer Tristram Carfrae sat down with DAC’s Jen Masengarb to discuss the project and what he’d like to ask Antoni Gaudi if the architect were alive today.
  • Let's Talk Architecture podcast

    Life on our planet not centered around us: Bruce Mau


    “Everything we are doing right now, we don’t know how to do. That’s the magical thing about design.” Designer Bruce Mau joined DAC’s Jen Masengarb to discuss Massive Change Network’s current projects and his ground-breaking collaborations with leading architects, museums, and companies. Mau speaks about caring for our planet and argues this is the best time in human history to be alive.

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