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The Layah Heilpern Show, focuses on Crypto, Politics, Motivation and Entrepreneurship. It empowers people to take personal responsibility over their finances, health, life and general success. The podcast explores the political ideologies behind bitcoin and spreads mass adoption through hosting influential thought leaders in these areas.

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  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #059 How To Become A Good Investor 2021 - Kiana Danial


    Best selling author, CEO of Invest Diva Kiana Danial reveals how to build generational wealth using key strategic investment strategies. Danial provides bitcoin price analysis telling us whether she expects new highs before the end of 2021. Finally, Kiana Danial talks about entrepreneurship, time management and having a money mindset. Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #058 Mark Yusko - China Bitcoin Crackdown


    Founder, CEO & CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management Mark Yusko tells us whether we should be concerned about the China bitcoin crackdown. We talk Evergrande and the increased hostility towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the USA. Mark foresees a period of continued regulatory aggression, however explains this will not last. Finally Mark provides bitcoin analysis sharing his predictions.
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

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  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #057 Leigh Cuen - Bitcoin Mainstream Media and Journalism Bias


    Writer and journalist Leigh Cuen discusses the challenges of reporting on bitcoin and why mainstream news outlets tend to take a hostile approach. She talks about the problems with fact-checking, especially in relation to the litecoin walmart scandal. Leigh provides a fascinating perspective on the mainstream media that you don't want to miss.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #056 Ran Neuner Crypto Banter - Polkadot, Solana Crypto 2021 and Cardano Analysis


    Crypto Banter's Ran Neuner compares the different blockchains, revealing some exciting new projects he's extremely bullish on. He provides Solana analysis and tells us whether it really could be the Ethereum killer. Ran also delves into a dot and ada analysis!   Get BITCOIN CASHBACK with CoinCorner when you shop online:  And BlockFi get up $250 when you join:
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #055 John Kim - From Poverty To Riches


    John Kim proves the American dream is very much alive in 2021. He grew up in the poorest of poor conditions in South Korea and moved to the USA as a kid to find a better life. After years of struggle and couch-surfing, he went all-in on crypto, finally, making his riches, retiring entirely off of his litecoin gains!   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #054 Joel Valenzuela - How To Live Off Of Crypto


    Joel Valenzuela has been living off of crypto and entirely unbanked since 2016. He explains why the traditional financial system drove him to such a decision and how it makes it possible. We also talk about freedom and the importance of individual responsiblity.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #053 Ben Askren - Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption


    American professional mixed martial artist and amateur wrestler, Ben Askren discusses his cryptocurrency investment strategy, and whether its a good idea to take bitcoin profit!   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #052 Amrit Kumar - Zilliqa Coin AMA


    President and co-founder of Zilliqa, Amrit Kumar does a LIVE AMA with Layah Heilpern. Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #051 Danny Scott - Superycle and Cryptocurrency Adoption


    Danny Scott the CEO of the Bitcoin exchange CoinCorner talks, bitcoin mainstream adoption, El Salvador accepting bitcoin as legal tender, the bitcoin supercycle of 2021, cryptocurrency regulation in the USA and the UK and how likely it is to stifle innovation. This is a really brilliant informal conversation about the current state of bitcoin geopolitically and its price too.
  • The Layah Heilpern Show podcast

    #050 Konstantin Kisin - Vaccine Passports


    Comedian and Co-Host of Triggernometry Konstantin Kisin provides a fascinating insight into identity politics, the unethical nature of vaccine passports and the severe clamp down on freedom of speech.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

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