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Paolo Gallo: Mastering your inner journey

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How do you create purposeful success?

As a leader it can be challenging to define what success means to you. To achieve this, you need master your inner journey by reflecting, collaborating, and reinventing yourself.

My guest in this episode, Paolo Gallo, is an expert in developing leaders who do just this. We talk about the importance of foundational beliefs that guide how leaders think and behave. As well as how we should think about what success means, and what it implies for who you spend your time with, and what you spend your time on. 

We reflect on what it takes to refresh and reinvent your identity as you look to amplify and enhance your leadership impact. Paulo also discusses why leaders can have such narrow definitions of success.

“What unites people with organisations is not what you do, but how you are doing it” – Paolo Gallo

You'll hear about:
·      Why personal beliefs are important to Paolo
·      Paolo's most important belief
·      How do so many people lose their identity?
·      What leads to narrow definitions of success?
·      What does it take to find peace with oneself?
·      Knowing yourself vs playing the outer game
·      Achieving spiritual levels of leadership
·      Myths about leadership

About Paolo Gallo:

Paolo is an executive coach, bestselling author and keynote speaker. He collaborates with Bocconi and Ashridge Business Schools. He was the chief human resources officer at World Economic Forum in Geneva, chief learning officer at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. and director human resources at European Bank for Reconstruction & Development in London, with previous experiences at International Finance Corporation in Washington, D.C. and Citigroup in London, New York and Milan, his hometown.

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