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Neil Mullarkey: Communicating with improv

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How do you rate your communication skills?

Being able to communicate with creativity and conviction is something leaders need to encourage their teams to contribute more and give meaningful ideas.

In this episode I am joined by Neil Mullarkey, comedian, actor and coach to senior executives. He is also a co-founder of the world-famous Comedy Store players in London, and he believes that improv is a key ingredient to being a great communicator.

He shares his mindset practices before, during and after a performance, and the best ways you can use improv in a work environment. He discusses whether business and humour can go hand in hand as well as the barriers that are in the way to make this happen. We also talk about how to listen to others, building on what they say, and then bringing more of yourself into the conversation.

“Improv is the humour that works in organisations, working with what's in the moment” – Neil Mullarkey

You'll hear about:

·      Neil’s mindset before a performance
·      Neil’s observations from working with leaders
·      The best examples of using improv at work
·      How to make sure your contribution is really good
·      Can business and humour go together?
·      Barriers and obstacles in the way
·      Managing the good times and the bad
·      What impact does Neil want to have on the world?

About Neil Mullarkey:

Neil is an actor, comedian, coach, and author. He co-founded the world famous improvisation group The Comedy Store Players with Mike Myers. He’s appeared on the likes of Have I Got News For You, Smith and Jones, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Austin Powers (International Man of Mystery and Goldmember), I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Lovejoy, Saturday Live, Carrott Confidential, Paul Merton The Series, Spiceworld The Movie and QI.

He now also inspires people and businesses to embrace their creativity and enhance their communication skills, working with corporate clients to develop innovation and agility in the workplace.

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