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Matt Abrahams: Talking smarter in the moment

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How do you respond when you’re caught off guard?

Imagine holding a meeting but you don’t know how to respond to a situation. The way you react to your anxieties can negatively impact the outcome you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be this way; you can be prepared.

In this episode I am joined by Matt Abrahams, an expert in communication. He says there are ways of preparing yourself and then responding, which is achieved through changing your mindset and having structures to follow.

He discusses the common moments we get caught off guard at work and how we can prepare for them. He also shares ways that you can become a better listener, and his methods to talk smarter in the moment.

It's about getting out of your head and finding ways to connect with the other person.

“You actually have to prepare to be spontaneous” – Matt Abrahams

You'll hear about:

  • Moments we get caught off guard at work
  • How to be able to apply Matt’s methods
  • How do you listen properly and attentively
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • The power of storytelling in these moments
  • Matt’s recommendations to perfectionists
  • Matt’s top tip for dealing with difficult situations
  • What Matt’s best day looks like
  • The impact Matt wants to have on the world

About Matt Abrahams

Matt is a leading expert in communication with decades of experience as an educator, author, podcast host, and coach. As a Lecturer in Organisational Behavior at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, he teaches popular classes in strategic communication and effective virtual presenting. Outside of the classroom, Matt is a sought-after keynote speaker and communication consultant. He has helped countless presenters improve and hone their communication, including some who have delivered IPO road shows as well as Nobel Prize, TED, and World Economic Forum presentations. His online talks garner millions of views and he hosts the popular, award-winning podcast Think Fast, Talk Smart The Podcast. 


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