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Holger Nils Pohl: Tackling complex problems using visual thinking

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What type of stimuli helps you to think?

Leaders often shy away from using visual stimuli as it can be seen as gimmicky. But knowing where, when, and how to use it can transform how problems are solved.

My guest in his episode is Holger Nils Pohl, one of the best at using visual thinking to tackle complex problems. He discusses how to apply it, and the tools you can use to help you and your team use it in a meaningful way. He also shares how to avoid doing it badly, something many leaders can struggle with.

He gives insight into how he uses his background in teaching within his work, how he deals with perfectionism and why autism is his superpower.

“A lot of the struggles we have are actually caused by missing clarity” – Holger Nils Pohl

You'll hear about:

●      The importance of clarity in business
●      Why multi-sensory stimuli amplify conversations
●      The scientific nature of visual senses
●      The three elements of Holger’s framework
●      The role teaching plays in Holger’s work
●      How to tame perfectionism
●      How Holger prepares to work at his best
●      Why autism is a superpower
●      What impact does Holger want to have?                   


About Holger Nils Pohl:

Holger is a multi-passionate creative, visual strategist, author of Non-Fiction, Kids' and Fantasy books, trainer, and autistic.

He believes in the transformational power of visual tools and creates clarity for his clients, workshop delegates, readers, and viewers. He does this by reducing complexity to simple, actionable steps.

His resources:

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•          Books: Creating Clarity –  and The Wrong Planet –    

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