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Frances Frei: Fixing hard problems fast

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Fixing problems is often seen as a slow, complex process but it doesn’t need to be this way. You can solve the hardest problems your organisation faces at speed; you just need to know how.

In this episode I am joined by Harvard Business School professor Francis Frei. She talks about what it takes to build trust fast, and how to focus on the hard problems. She also shares how to scale an idea to create real change and how to build a more inclusive environment that enables it.

Frances counters many management practices and mindsets we've heard of so get ready to be challenged and indeed surprised.

“Leaders need to decide, which is the big problem we should work on now” – Frances Frei

You'll hear about:

 ●      How to combine the long and short term
●      Identifying the big problems
●      Tackling a deficit of trust
●      Making the right new friends
●      Moving from prototype to scaling
●      The power of storytelling
●      Judgement and curiosity don't sit well together
●      What makes a more inclusive environment?
●      What is Frances most proud of?
●      The impact Frances wants to have on the world
●      Finding inspiration      

About Frances Frei:

Frances is a professor of Technology and Operations Management at Harvard Business School. A global thought leader on organizational change, Frances is widely recognized for her dynamic teaching style and breakthrough insight into how to move fast and fix things. Her research investigates how leaders create the context for organizations and individuals to thrive by designing for excellence in strategy, operations, and culture. In 2017, she took a leave from HBS to serve as Uber’s first senior vice president of leadership and strategy to help the company navigate its very public crisis in leadership and culture.

Her resources:

•Profile:  and 


•Book: Move Fast and Fix Things 

•Podcast: Fixable.

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