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Aga Bajer: Cracking the code on culture

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What is the culture in your organisation like?

Culture is more popular and necessary for management to consider than ever. Talking about culture is one thing, improving it, evolving it into something better, more inclusive, and higher performing is quite another.

In this episode my guest is Aga Bajer, a leading authority on culture. We talk about what it takes to develop a greater sense of belonging, and what that means and involves. She shares how organisations can develop and evolve a culture as well as the important role fun plays in the process.

Aga also discusses the impacts deep belonging has on culture as well as the misconceptions commonly held around it. So, if you're looking to supercharge the performance of your team, this episode is certainly for you.

“Culture is a movement rather than a mandate” – Aga Bajer

You'll hear about:

·      Aga’s definition of culture
·      Why codifying culture is important
·      How do you evolve culture?
·      How do you bring culture to life in organisations?
·      How do you scale culture pilots?
·      How important is fun to culture?
·      The impact of deep belonging on culture
·      Misconceptions about culture
·      The impact Aga wants to have on the world


About Aga Bajer:

Aga is the Founder and CEO of CultureBrained, the first-of-its-kind virtual community for Culture Leaders. She’s spent more than 20 years helping leaders build cultures that foster belonging, innovation, and high performance. She’s the host of the CultureLab podcast and co-author of the book ‘Build a coaching culture.’

Her resources:

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• Community: CultureBrained Community

• Podcast: Culture Lab Podcast -

• Book: Build a coaching culture.

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