Just Start: From Ideas to Action podcast

Just Start: From Ideas to Action

Jacqueline M. Baker

While there are thousands of people who start new projects, revisit that childhood hobby or launch businesses across the country every year, there are lots of other people who sit on the sidelines wishing for their dreams to come true. But why? Why do some people make a leap and others just want and wish? Well, there are lots of people that stall out because of fear, financial commitments and family obligations. But, what if all people needed to Just Start was a lifeline of inspiration and information. Well, introducing the podcast, Just Start: From Ideas To Action, with Jacqueline M. Baker. Just Start: From Ideas To Action is a weekly podcast that provides actionable tools, resources and stories to help you advance from wishing and dreaming to actively doing. This podcast will fill the space between thinking and doing! Let's get started!

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