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Joy of Business

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What if you could create business with ease and true joy?

The Joy of Business is just that. Author of Joy of Business, Simone Milasas shares the powerful Access Consciousness tools that she used to personally climb out of $187K in debt, plus endless tools and hints to create and expand the business you either have or wish to start.

What if business didn’t have to detract from your life but could add to it in a way you have never thought of? Through Joy of Business, Simone shows you how to create a business beyond what this reality says is possible and come away with dynamic practical steps that you can start implementing today. Would you be willing to know that everything is possible? That the only thing stopping you from creating and generating a business beyond this reality is you!

If you join us at Joy of Business and listen every Monday at 4pm eastern, it will be like no other business show you have ever attended. It will not be serious, it will not be about taking notes, it will not be something you pass or fail, you will not be judged. You will however have the possibility of a greater future, the ability to laugh at the choices you have made and you will be encouraged to access the ability to jump off the edge of the cliff that you have been teetering on – waiting. The wait is over. It’s time to create. Your life will not be the same, neither will your business or your money flows. We look forward to playing with you.

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