It's Good to be ME! podcast

It's Good to be ME!

Lizzie Paish

Can you feel better about life in less than 10 minutes a day? We say YES! This is a mini-podcast (

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  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Keeping Your Balance


    When things knock us off balance in life, what if it's actually our panicky over-correction that tips us over, rather than the event itself? Discover how you can better keep your balance as the waves of life head your way.
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    What Can't You Hear?


    When you don't know something's there, you just can't hear it. Discover something worth your attention which you might have been missing in the noise of life.
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

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  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Failure, Experience and the Game of Life


    Failure is typically something we try to avoid and the stress of trying to get stuff right and not make mistakes can be quite exhausting. Listen to this episode to get a new perspective on success and failure.
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Why I played my best tennis in the dark


    If you were ever in doubt that thought creates our experience of life, then this extraordinary turn of events in a mediocre tennis match might just change your mind...
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Change Your Act - Stop Spinning Plates


    Do you feel as if you're constantly spinning plates? So many things to do that you can't give your full attention to anything? Maybe it's time to change your act. Have a listen and see if you can catch a glimpse of another, less exhausting way to live.
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    What if life really could be easier than you think?


    Inspired by a simple fable, I explore how life without the stress and strain of trying to make things how we want them to be, could actually result in a happier and easier life. Are you more like the sun, or more like the wind?
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Taking Things Personally


    When we take things personally, we get into all sorts of trouble, and often they weren't meant that way at all. But what if, even when other people do intend us to take things personally, we STILL don't have to? Every relationship becomes easier when we learn what it means to really not take things personally!
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Something Different about Christmas


    There's so much that's going to be different about Christmas this year. And what if there's also something different to see in the Christmas Story that many of us know so well? There's good news about well-being and peace of mind in this age-old tale. Join me to seek it out.
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Are you Owner or Victim?


    Do you ever feel like a victim of circumstances? Helpless in the face of other people's bad behaviour or awful situations? What if you can take ownership of even the bits of your life that look as if they've got nothing to do with you, and get proactive and creative with them? Because it turns out that being a victim is as much a thought-creation as everything else in life...
  • It's Good to be ME! podcast

    Urgency - I've got to sort this out NOW!


    A sense of urgency feels as if it's telling us that something needs to be done soon. But beware! What if that urgent feeling you've got is actually telling you something different altogether?

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