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Fauwaz Hussein Interview: How Nodus Has Carved Out A Unique Position in AR Automation & Payments

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In this episode, we sit down with Fauwaz Hussain, Sr. Director of B2B Strategy at Nodus Technologies - A Global Payments Company, to explore Nodus PayFabric AR Automation. Did you know that Nodus isn’t just about PayFabric for secure Payment Processing? 💡 They’ve got a fully integrated AR Automation solution too!


PayFabric AR Automation streamlines the entire Invoice-to-Cash cycle within your ERP system. But wait, there’s more! 👍 One amazing feature is the payment hyperlinks. Organizations can now include these hyperlinks directly in their invoices, allowing customers to pay without the hassle of registering or logging into a separate payment portal. 


Learn more about PayFabric AR Automation and Payment solution at

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