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The path to inner and outer development | With Jan Artem Henriksson of the IDGs | S3E5

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We are excited to share the inspiring story of Jan Artem Henriksson, Executive Director of the Inner Development Goals. He talks about his Ukrainian roots, the role of inner development in his life and the immense resonance of the Inner Development Goals.


Jan is a man who wears many different hats. Besides co-founding two companies, he is a Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education faculty member and a Senior Fellow with the Flourishing Network, part of Harvard University's Human Flourishing Program. 


These days he is perhaps best known as the Executive Director of the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) Initiative. Launched in 2020, the IDGs provide organisations and even countries with an open source inner development framework to support collective efforts to reach the UN's sustainable development goals, the SDGs. 

In this episode of the podcast, our new host Tamsin Walker spoke to Jan about the path to his current role, what defines personal inner development and how that can make a difference to and in the world around us.

About the Inner Development Goals
The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a non-profit and open-source initiative to promote inner development to accelerate the SDGs. At the core of its work lies a simple communication tool summarising 23 important inner skills and qualities, which was derived through consultation with over 4000 scientists, practitioners and other experts. The IDGs organisation has a strong following, with over 300 hubs around the world and many partners. This includes sustainability professionals, large systemic organisations (e.g. UNDP), and even countries (e.g. Costa Rica). At the Inner Green Deal we collaborate closely and together we developed and delivered the first Global Leadership for Sustainable Development programme based on the IDG framework. More information about the Inner Development Goals can be found here:

Are you interested to join the IDG's summit taking place on October 11-12 of 2023? We are pleased to share 50 free online tickets! To get your ticket, register here:

About the Inner Green Deal

The Inner Green Deal is a non-profit organisation based in Cologne and Brussels with a growing community around the world. We address the human dimension of sustainability and support leaders, change makers and facilitators to accelerate the green transformation. We offer a range of short and longer programmes cultivating capacities such as collaboration, systems thinking and compassion. In addition to programmes for organisations, we empower facilitators and offer train-the-trainer programmes, access to curricula and digital tools to create cohesive communities of change. Our podcast is hosted and produced by Tamsin Walker.  For more information, visit us on LinkedIn, or write to [email protected]. 

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