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Industrial IoT - It Doesn't Have To... Be Misleading

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We've all done it... bought a product that didn't meet our expectations. Were we sold a bill of goods, or did we hear what we wanted to hear?

That has been the case with many industrial IoT systems, which doesn't sit well with Brandon. Because the only reason to have an IoT system is to make educated business decisions.

If you're confused by all the marketing terms surrounding industrial IoT, you're not alone.

Is data funnel, data translation, or remote connect really industrial IoT? What the heck is AIoT?

Brandon clarifies these terms and goes on a BrandRant about how industrial IoT products are marketed. He then provides requirements for a true edge-based MES Gateway Appliance.

Before we delve into the requirements of an edge-based MES Gateway Appliance, we need to have an understanding of what "the edge" is. What defines "the edge?"

Brandon provides his perspective and then his requirements for a true edge-based MES Gateway appliance.

A true edge-based MES Gateway appliance must:

  1. Be reliable
  2. Communicate natively
  3. Perform data manipulation and dissemination
  4. Have data storage capabilities

We explore each of these necessary conditions, why it's a requirement, and how it's beneficial.

Stay tuned to hear Brandon's "extra bonus" requirement!

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