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Industrial Automation - It Doesn't Have To... Be Unhuman

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We 💙 automation, but you can't take the human element out of it.

The quality of any automated system at the plant floor level is usually made evident through the design of the human machine interface or HMI. HMIs provide a means for the machine and the human to interact - to converse. It is the very conduit by which a human can influence the machine.

These systems range from hardware-based touchscreens to fully capable supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) which are largely software-based.

Join us as we dive into the various features and benefits across the multiple offerings of both hardware and software-based HMI systems (OT based) and discuss when and where one may utilize a larger-scale SCADA system.

Our special guest for this episode is Alan Cone. Alan is the Marketing SIMATIC WinCC Manager at Siemens.

Alan provides an overview of the HMI options in the Siemens portfolio and describes the capabilities of each.

Alan clarifies how a software-based HMI or soft HMI differs from the SCADA-based systems. He then illustrates the primary advantages of SCADA systems and the industries he typically sees them utilized.

Stay tuned to hear about some real-world Use Cases that you can implement in your facility that can help reduce your downtime.

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