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Redsox Dugout

A fun podcast centered around the Boston Red Sox. Step In The Dugout for passionate takes, quality analysis, and plenty of laughs.

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  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.74 - Bounce back


    Bonus ALCS episode featuring guest co-hosts Luke Slom, Mike Murray, and Charlie Lenihan! We break down what's went wrong for the Sox and what needs to happen for the Sox to move on. ELECTRIC episode, enjoy! 
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.73 - ALCS Bound!


    The Red Sox are headed to the ALCS!! And we are finally back with a new episode! We breakdown the series against the Rays and preview the upcoming series against the Astros, discuss what's gotten the Sox to this point, talk about how bad the playoff broadcasters have been, and a lot more! Enjoy!
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

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  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.72 - Electric Energy


    Chris Sale is back and the energy is back too as the Sox completed the sweep!! We talk about how great it is having Sale back, how red-hot Bobby D is, answer a bunch of questions, and a lot more. We also sing Sweet Caroline which you won't want to miss. Straight up, this is one of our best episodes all time so enjoy!!
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.71 - Sad Hoodie


    Put on your sad hoodie folks, the Red Sox are depressing right now. They are really bad and we get all our sadness and anger out in this episode. Agggggrrrhhhhhhh
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.70 - Sad


    We're not mad, we're just disappointed. The MLB trade deadline has passed and the moves the Red Sox made (or didn't make) left us wanting more. We break down how Chaim Bloom handled this trade deadline and react to everything that did and didn't happen. Ugh. 
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.69 - What is baseball


    Baseball is wild. Red Sox got no hit for 7 innings (and we recorded during most of the game) and then score 5 runs to come back to beat the Yankees and win the series! Also this was our first episode in a month (whoops sorry) so we had plenty to talk about from Duran, Houck, Sale, Mayer, and more, and then of course we talk in depth about our trade deadline targets. Great episode, enjoy!
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.68 - Yankees suck LOL


    Red Sox sweep the Yankees again hahaha. We talk about how embarrassingly bad the Yankees and Gerrit Cole are, what we missed in between episodes, and other stuff as we celebrate the sweep. Weak description but better episode. Enjoy! 
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.67 - It Happens


    The Red Sox pitching staff had a rough week and gave up 18 runs in one game... It happens! We talk a lot about Ryan Weber, explain what we think is wrong with the rotation, recap our trip to Fenway, answer questions, and a lot more! Great episode, much better than Ryan Weber's baseball skills. 
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.66 - Get the Brooms


    Get the brooms out folks, Red Sox sweep the Yankees and Marlins! We talk about that, how horrible and biased the ESPN broadcast is, question whether JD Martinez is on the team, answer a ton of questions, talk about going to Fenway this week, and then have a long discussion about illegal substances. Great episode, enjoy!
  • In The Dugout Podcast podcast

    Ep.65 - Wet Sox


    The weather deserves to get DFA'd after this week's performance. We rant about the bad weather, recap the past series and talk about the crowd back at Fenway, check in on Rusney Castillo and compare Franchy to him, figure out who plays for the Astros, come up with a Rays conspiracy theory, answer your questions, and more! Enjoy!

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