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Ep. 179 - “I wanted to control my own narrative” - A Discussion About Podcasting with Mic Drop Alum Chioma Njoku

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Are you thinking about starting your podcasting journey? Are you figuring out your purpose and finding where to start? Join Chelsea and Chioma as they talk about how they found their inspiration and purpose, how they fought podfade and creative blocks, and how they connected with podcasting to bring out their inner voice of influence, change, and empowerment.

On this week’s episode, Chelsea sits down with Chioma Njoku to discuss:

  1. Why it matters - Chioma shares her childhood story and how being empowered financially can make life different
  2. Starting point - Finding purpose and overcoming mindset blocks
  3. Podfade - Chioma shares how Mic Drop helped her overcome a podcaster’s burnout and seventh-episode death
  4. For the better - The changes Chioma has noticed in her career after launching her podcast
  5. Your message - How podcasting has helped Chelsea and Chioma find themselves and hone in on their message and purpose
  6. Advice for aspiring podcasters - Importance of connecting to someone and building confidence

“As you're getting into it, give yourself grace. And to me, focus on a quality episode because that's what people will comment on and acknowledge versus some haphazard rush, not well thought out episode.” - Chioma Njoku

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