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Ep. 171 - Running out of Willpower? Try Building New Habits Instead feat. Kelly Carlson

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Kelly Carlson is the host of "One Bad Habit" Podcast, the go-to podcast for micro-habits. However, habits weren't always the primary focus of her life.

In fact, Kelly got into habits after a painful breakup. Doubting herself, confused, and needing to find hope again, she started learning about mindset, thoughts, and habits.

Eventually, habits became something Kelly couldn't get enough of. She entered a vortex of building amazing habits and breaking bad ones. Tune in to hear all about her story, and other topics of discussion, including:

- how culture influences our work ethic and habits

- how breakups can fuel better habits

- building strong habits starts with baby steps

- habits that have stuck, and ones that just flew out the window (like keto, whoops!)

- taking something you love to do and making a career out of it

- how to build habits that are fun and rewarding

- how exactly do you build a new habit or break a bad one?

- you can succeed if you set up the right expectations

- how small wins create momentum

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References mentioned in this episode:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Primal Potential Podcast

TedTalk on Breakups

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