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Ep. 170 - Being Skeptical & Spiritual, Building Magical Communities, & Getting Over the Fear of Being Seen/Cancelled with Holisticism’s Michelle Pellizzon-Lipsitz and Wallis Millar-Blanchaer

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As some of you may remember, Michelle was previously a guest on the show on Episode 56 back in 2018, where she talked about Holisticism.

This time, Wallis, Head of Content at the company, joins us, and we catch up on Holisticism’s incredible growth, their magical community, and deep dive into topics like the fear of looking “too smart”, being scared to fail publicly, and if science and spirituality can co-exist.

We also chat about:

  • Holisticism’s meaning
  • Hiring without wanting to throw up
  • Building a community of superfans
  • Archetypal journeys (including the one we see often today - adored influencer to cancelled)
  • fear of being seen AND smart (many refer to this as “The Witch Wound”)
  • Cashing in for your content (there are more ways than landing brand deals)
  • Containing multitudes and being okay with being nerdy, into pop culture, gossip, and quantum physcis
  • Owning your intellect - you ARE a genius. It’s okay to show it.
  • Meaning making systems - like… is astrology real?

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