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Ep. 169 - Why reality TV is the best communications teacher

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Sam and Juliette from Siesta Key teach me more about communication than my Bachelor's Degree in the same field. Shep from Southern Charm shows me how using high-level vocabulary is a way to exert dominance in a conversation, but he does so in the douchiest way possible.

Why am I referencing reality TV? Because it taught me SO MUCH about non-verbal and verbal cues, making connections, and resolving conflict - all components of strong communication.

When you know how to communicate effectively, you've scored the golden ticket to life.

Communication skills will help you:

  • Meet strangers while traveling (imagine clinking glasses of sangria after a random cooking class and then grabbing drinks later - I'll tell you the story of this happening to me!)
  • Date confidently (the world is opening up and IRL dates are back - communication is key)
  • Negotiate your salary like a San Fransisco tech bro (aka get paid without questioning your skill set)
  • Resolving a conflict with a family member (I share how blowing up on a sibling via text was not my finest moment)
  • Interviewing someone for your show (a skill that transcends the airwaves - this will get you VERY far in life. I share specific examples)

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