Road to Reinvention podcast

Road to Reinvention

Sherrell Dorsey

Welcome to Road to Reinvention, the podcast. My name is Sherrell Dorsey, I’m a data journalist, a tech founder, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a speaker for Fortune 500 companies. After several successful businesses and what many would consider a life well done, I found myself struggling after earning all my gold stars, to answer the simple question of "what's next?" This seems to be a destination many find themselves arriving at and few know the answer. Do you create just another goal? Do you hang it up? Do you pivot and show up in a new space? OR do you once and for all decide to put that kind of energy into your personal life and put the work aside? I don't know yet. But I have tons of friends, colleagues, and people I admire that have tracked this same journey and will be joining us this season to bare it all. How they answered the question that left them puzzled after earning the highest of highs. So join me as I speak to those who learned to navigate their own road to reinvention. I hope this podcast inspires you to honor every step of your journey and the need to change as you see fit.

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