I Like Your Picture podcast

I Like Your Picture

William Beem

A photography show to help photographers become better visual storytellers so they can take better photos to share, sell and remember. Welcome to our photography podcast, The Photo Flunky Show, hosted by William & Lee Beem. Photography offers limitless options and there are plenty of voices in the field. Our weekly show emphasizes the importance of story and creativity to help you visualize the photo in your head before you ever click the shutter, as well as helping you understand your gear and post processing tools. We cover everything from your DSLR to your smart phone so you can consistently capture the best photos. After the shot, we'll help you understand Adobe Lightroom and other tools to bring out color, details and amaze your audience. Subscribe to The Photo Funky Show now at http://williambeem.com/itunes to have each weekly episode delivered to your for free.

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