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How to increase results from Hyperbaric Sessions with BrainTap | ft. Dr. Patrick Porter

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🎁 Get your BrainTap set at Use code PARTNER50 for $50 off your BrainTap bundle, and code BTPARTNER29 for $29 off the first month of your BrainTap Monthly subscription (1st month for $0.99)🧠 Jumpstart your brain fitness today! ❓What is BrainTap? Brain Tap technology uses light, sound, and vibration to improve memory and cognition, boost energy, optimize sleep, and reduce the effects of stress on the body. In this episode, I speak with Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD, the Founder and Inventor of BrainTap. After watching, you'll gain a better understanding of how BrainTap benefits brain health, why it works, and how to effectively combine it with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for optimal results. 👤 Dr. Patrick Porter on YouTube: ► This podcast season's focus is on natural therapies that can be effectively combined with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Watch all episodes here: Timestamps: 00:00 - INTRO 01:01 - Who can benefit from Brain Tap technology? 05:37 - How does Brain Tap work? 08:54 - How to combine Hyperbaric therapy with Brain Tap therapy 11:26 - The power of light, vibration and sound 16:57 - How positive thoughts can change your life 19:45 - Technologies for chronic disease treatment 21:37 - The importance of oxygen 24:47 - How to improve Hyperbaric sessions with Brain Tap 28:40 - How to combine HBOt and BrainTap

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