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Concussion & post-concussion syndrome can be treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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A year ago hyperbaric community was saddened by the unexpected passing of Dr. Kelly Ryder, DC. Dr. Ryder specialised in traumatic brain injury and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. He was often referred to as “concussion guy”.

To honour Dr. Kelly Ryder’s work in the field of brain health and Hyperbaric Therapy we are releasing 2 podcast episodes that were recorded last year.

In part I of the series Dr. Kelly Ryder and I discuss concussion and post-concussion syndrome testing & treatment, as well as athletic recovery and performance. Dr. Ryder is truly missed but his legacy continues in lives of many who recover thanks to the protocols he developed.


00:00 INTRO

00:54 How Dr. Ryder became a" concussion doctor"

03:52 Concussion testing and why so many cases are misdiagnosed

05:42 How to use HBOT for concussion treatment

07:17 How many hyperbaric sessions are needed to recover from concussion injury

10:00 FBI agent story

11:37 Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome

14:40 Health advice for someone suffering from concussion or post-concussion syndrome

15:23 Equestrian jumper story

16:12 HBOT can be used preventatively

16:55 Dr. Ryder's HBOT protocol for athletes

20:25 Breakthrough research on dosing of hyperbaric oxygen

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