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Tilly Dillehay

We are Abigail Dodds and Tilly Dillehay, and we're here to encourage you to make your homes a wartime outpost of life in Christ.

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    Homemaking in Stages with Nancy Wilson


    Nancy Wilson joins us to talk about homemaking as a calling that changes shape through the years. The details change quite a bit from when kids are small, to when they're teenagers, to when they leave the nest and the home continues to be a center of ministry. In every stage, homemaking is a calling that requires walking by faith.
  • Home Fires podcast

    Female Friendship in Lonely Times


    This week, Tilly and Abigail discuss friendships past, present, and future. How do friendships bless and edify us? How can we be better friends in those seasons when we are tempted to ask, "but who is being a friend to me?"
  • Home Fires podcast

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  • Home Fires podcast

    Social Media and the Heart of Gratitude


    Tilly and Abigail cozy up indoors in separate states to talk about the heart of gratitude, how it is affected by social media, and then social media itself and how to use it. With different social media habits that serve different ends (and different seasons of life), they each have something to share about how social media interplays with their spiritual and social lives.
  • Home Fires podcast

    David Mathis on Humbling Yourself Under God's Hand


    David Mathis joins us in this first episode of 2022 to talk about the scriptural pattern of humble-self. What do we do when God's hand descends and presses us down, stripping us of our possessions, relationships, and dignity? What spiritual practices prepare us to humble-self? How do we talk about our sin before God and others? Are we actually as special as we think we are? (hint: yes and no) We found this conversation incredibly practical and encouraging!
  • Home Fires podcast

    Don't Swerve


    In the last episode of 2021, Tilly and Abigail talk about whether we can know things, and whether we can make confident assertions about any of the things we know. When we women encounter people we disagree with--in person or in the internet world--our instincts tell us to swerve and avoid disagreement. Is there anything we should be willing to argue about this Christmas season? Popular wisdom says the more mature you become, the less you can be sure about. Is this true? Does humility mean becoming less sure of who God is and what he says in his word?
  • Home Fires podcast

    Who's Excited for Christmas?


    In this slumber party style episode, Tilly and Abigail get real relaxed and chat about the things their families do to rev up for the advent season. Why does Christmas get more stale every year for some, and better and better for others? Also, is Abigail going to sing her original Christmas hymn next episode? Does she need a pie cart? Also, why does Tilly's son sit and stare at a train for half hour stretches, and what is a 48-hr shower?
  • Home Fires podcast

    The Productive Household with Steven Wedgeworth


    Are homes just the place where we put our keys down at the end of the day, watch some TV, and fall into bed? Why are the home and workplace such separate realms for most families? Few of us are running a family farm anymore. So what can we do to make our homes a center of productivity, culture-building, learning, and true recreation?
  • Home Fires podcast

    Spiritual Warfare in the Home


    Tilly and Abigail talk about how mothers in particular engage in the great battle against "the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places" (Eph 6:12). The home is not located safely behind the combat line, out of danger; rather, the line of combat runs right through the home. Women are in active combat roles, so what are the areas of Satan's attack that might be specific to Christian mothers?
  • Home Fires podcast

    Untethered Empathy with Joe Rigney


    Abigail and Tilly discuss empathy with Joe Rigney, author and President of Bethlehem College and Seminary. When we are ministering to one another in the church and home, is "empathy" as it's commonly understood always helpful? How does the sharing of another person's emotions help us to love them well, and how could hinder us in loving them well? How do we discern the righteous response to another person's joy, anger, and grief?
  • Home Fires podcast

    Bread of Life with Abigail Dodds


    Tilly and Abigail talk about Abigail's new book, Bread of Life. While each of them (by coincidence!) keep an eye on pumpkin bread baking a few rooms away, they discuss baking and the Christian walk, Jesus as the "what is it" manna, Eve spewing out the word of God in order to accept and digest the lies of the serpent, and four kinds of Bible reading women... this episode is a fun preview of a beautiful, practical, and beautifully written book about Jesus, the bread of life.

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