Habits You Love podcast

Habits You Love

Kayla Fassio

Welcome to Habits You Love - a thought provoking podcast about self-love, self-healing, and spiritual evolution. I take you on the journey of my own trauma healing and share real, raw, and authentic life situations. I dive deep into mental health topics such as suicide, therapy, generational trauma, self-awareness, narcissism, toxic relationships and more. My mission is to expand your mind to what you think is possible for you, provoke thoughts of looking at your own healing you may need, help you discover the power you have within you, and create a life you love all while sharing my life in real time. *Kayla Fassio is not a mental health professional. Kayla Fassio and Habits You Love is not a substitute or meant to be intended to diagnose, treat, or make medical claims. All content is for informational purposes only backed by Kayla's own research.

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