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Tanya Cole-Lesnick: How “Energetic Clutter” Keeps You From Achieving the Inner and Outer Alignment Needed to Lead a Life That Honors Your Truest Self

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Psychotherapist and Personal Development Coach Tanya Cole-Lesnick had her first experience with a therapist in her mid-twenties when she sought the answer to why her love life wasn’t living up to her hopes, and she wanted to understand what was getting in the way. One-on-one therapy was followed up by group therapy that significantly transformed Tanya’s life, because not only did she meet and marry her husband during that time, but she also made the decision to leave her career as a graphic designer and become a therapist, going on to receive a master’s degree in social work from NYU and deciding to dedicate her life to helping others lead lives that they truly love. During her nearly three decades as a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and coach, Tanya has found therapeutic groups to be an incredibly powerful way to foster emotional growth. Tune in and find out how group therapy changed Tanya’s relationship with herself, what is the energetic clutter that keeps people from growth and meaning in their lives, how group work helps people touch on their unconscious issues, her transformational coaching program called Activate, and more, for an insights filled interview that can light your path to healing, growth, and new meaning in life!


  • The feelings of shame Tanya grappled with when she began one-on-one therapy to overcome her feelings of unlovability.
  • What Tanya’s first experience with group therapy taught her about the human experience.
  • Identifiers that indicate a person would benefit from group therapy.
  • How energetic clutter keeps people from growth and meaning in their lives.


  • How old were you when you became aware of feeling unlovable, and what contributed to those feelings?
  • How did making a documentary inspire you to professionally go out on your own?
  • What are some of the powerful factors that influence our lives?
  • How are your transformational therapeutic coaching groups called Activate unique to group therapy, and how do they allow people to access unconscious issues?
  • Can you share a story of someone who has greatly benefited from the ACTIVATE program?
  • How do you help a person identify what truly makes their soul light up and get them back into alignment so that they can experience peace and joy?


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